The MASSIVE 49″ LG UltraWide Monitor – The Best UltraWide Monitor of 2019

Taking a look at the brand new 49″ LG Ultrawide Monitor – their new flagship as well as LG’s other highlights and new products at CES 2019. This is the 49WL95C Monitor for reference!

LG 49” UltraWide:
LG 38” UltraGear:
LG gram:
LG CineBEam:
Sound Bar
XBOOM Speakers:

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49 Replies to “The MASSIVE 49″ LG UltraWide Monitor – The Best UltraWide Monitor of 2019”

  1. James Bonds

    VIOTEK 49 inch ultrawide is a Monster. Has HDR. 144htz, And it cost ONLY $699…….. Or that's what i caught it for over the holidays. WAY cheaper than my LG 34 Inch ultrawide that i paid 1K for…..SMDH I bet this LG 49inch is 2500 bucks easy!!! That means (Hell to the NAAAAAAAAAAW, To the NAW, Naw, NAAAAAAAAAAW!!!

  2. Faris FX

    @karl Conrad I have two Samsung 49 inch ultra wides turning off of my 18 core iMac Pro, I will be replacing those my current ultra wides with these as soon as they hit the shelves! The resolution on these is phenomenal very excited about them , Love your videos brother keep up the good work

    ^^ that’s a link to my current setups with the two Samsung 49” ultra wides!

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