The LG rollable display is now a real 65-inch TV

The LG Display’s 65-inch rollable TV prototype came to CES last year. This year, LG Electronics is bringing it to market as its flagship 4K OLED TV for 2019. Consumers will be able to buy the finished Signature OLED TV R sometime this spring, although for an astronomical, premium price. It’s quite similar to last year’s prototype, but LG has refined the base station a bit and added a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker.

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45 Replies to “The LG rollable display is now a real 65-inch TV”

  1. Thomas Rainbow

    Great video. The guys energy and how's he's sitting makes me think he's about tell me about some kind of global conspiracy. I just want a giant screen I can easily roll up and bring with me. I'm ready future.

  2. Bill LAU

    I think the main beauty of this product is setup more options for interior design idea, living in a 3 m x 6 m living space in Hong Kong, only be able to put a tv on a wall is a disaster when it comes to space conservation. I can consider putting this device in the center of the room like a coffee table furniture piece surrounding it by other furniture, facing the side of the wall that i never thought of.

  3. Urboyb

    If they make this a computer monitor 27in or 38in I will get one it will look so clean and minimal on a work desk I could roll it down or roll it up and hook my MacBook Pro up to it.

  4. Max James

    Its perfect for rich cat people ? i have 2 cats and 1 dog and keep all my tvs in the bedroom unless its needed in the living room because im scared they will knock it off and i dont trust wall mounting

  5. american seoul

    Take that Sony! You are no longer the king like back in the days when you dominated the market with your trash TVs that always broke.
    My family had two trinitrons that had a picture go out and another one that ad problems with the speakers.

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