The LG C8 OLED – The BEST OLED We've Ever Tested | Trusted Reviews

The best OLED TV we’ve reviewed so far. A sharp, colourful picture combines with user-friendly WebOS to create an excellent overall TV. But – if bright room viewing is your thing, check out the Samsung Q9FN

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31 Replies to “The LG C8 OLED – The BEST OLED We've Ever Tested | Trusted Reviews”

  1. Shai Danino

    hi great review !
    but now im confuse and dont sure which tv to buy..
    my main use is for movie and tv series and a little bit gaming(ps4)
    which tv would you recomend for thiskind of use?(im mostly going to watch at evning after work, and a little bit day watch on weekend)
    thanks a lot!!!

  2. Michael Malhi

    This vid persuaded me to buy the lg c8 77inch from costco for £3600, a yr ago it was 8 to 9 grand. The 2019 screen is out now and the only notable difference i can find is the gen 2 alpha 9 processor.

  3. john shaw

    Try turning the TV towards the viewer. The break through is the glass screen, the technology of glass.
    The miracle of thin. Your video presentation missed the point of the average user, and failed to point out
    the Tech. The Screen is the point of purchase…..

  4. reviewfor thetube

    Well I mean you guys haven't tested the Sony q9f either so yeah it is very close tho but not value of course but for performance the Sony is the best now since Sony didnt do much different in performance on the a9g even tho they really didn't have to besides they could of brightened it meaning lighten up on the abl but other then that yeah but since they didnt do much different lg got to catch up a little bit and now with all the new festures that they have and the new performance with there image processing the gap on performance is cut and the features are ahead I think lg is going to beat everyone this year for festure and performance

  5. reviewfor thetube

    Cant wait for you to see the picture quality of the c9 your going to choose that as the TV of 2019 for features and performance I'm not playing the c9 has much better noise reduction and upscaling much better above black performance no more artifacts they have caught up and the gap between lg and Sony this year is very small and mabye equal since lg is brighter I was shocked side by side how much better the lg c9 was to picture enthusiasts you will notice it but yeah very very good sucks Sony didnt do anything besides make shadow detail better because no they allowed that gap to be closed

  6. reviewfor thetube

    You def calibrated it because the c8 doesnt comenwith reds like that lol but great video idk I've got the q80r now had the q8fn last year and I'm about to pick up the Sony a8g or the lg c9 we will will see what oled I choose going to compare them for a while then choose

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