35 Replies to “The Last of Us Part II – Teaser Trailer #2 | PS4”

  1. Just another chungy bo i

    Guyz plz help me out
    I just started to play the last of us and I forgot to take the Molotov cocktail and I just went past a lot of the game … I saw on YouTube that the molotovs were really useful … So any idea how I can get it back without having to start the whole game over ?

  2. Taylor

    The Last of Us: Part 2: [Que Epic Voice] “Critically acclaimed 5 out of 5 stars, gamers agree, “The BEST game of 2019,” with over 400 Game of the Year Awards… All before… it’s even been released.”

  3. Red

    I think this is after Ellie birth and i think it started when Ellie is between 14-17 years old after she and joel get back to tommy you can see the new trailer gameplay show people attacking wearing the same clothes and whistling and they were killing some guy in the same way the woman here hanging him and cutting his stomach . Sorry I have poor english . If you agree like my comment if not reply to me about your thoughts ?

  4. DriftwoodsQuantum

    That's Ellie. It looks like a cutscene before gameplay. "Watch your back!" and then gameplay starts. If so let's remember when Naugty Dog confirmed only one playable character (Ellie) and different time periods.

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