The Kitchen: Extending our Philips Hue Lightstrips

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Extending our Philips Hue Lightstrips in the Kitchen was mostly an easy task, but there was one challenge; how to split the lightstrip over two different levels? We used third party extension cables. In this video I outline how we got on!

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13 Replies to “The Kitchen: Extending our Philips Hue Lightstrips”

  1. Darren Gulliver

    Hi NewHomeTricks,

    Good video, Did you make any cuts?

    I currently have approx 4m of Hue Strip light Plus running along the top of my cupboard in my kitchen, power is to the right of my hob extractor fan as, the power cable was a decent length I was able to run then lights left to right but now I want to run lights under each my cupboards. This is where I'm a bit stuck and I do not want to wast any of the leds as the strip lights are quite expensive.

    So what I was thinking from the power socket I could run the leds to the left, down a gap between wall and cupboard then left to right under the cupboard, but that will then leave me with no lights on the right hand side of the cupboards and I will also have leds that are hidden in the gap so this is a waste of leds. So I thought about cutting the cable and use extension cables as per your video but the once you use appear to be once you connect to the led extension.

    I then thought about a splitter (3rd party cable) at the control box, but then that would mean I would need 2 sets of Strip lights.

    In this diagram the idea was to run the leds to the left cut then attach an extension cable and with the remaining leds go under the double cupboard. For the left hand side as I have led extension run right connect extension cable then run along the under side.and

    I am not sure if this will work. Any suggestions? If not, then I may buy a cheaper brand of led lights and connect to my Home Assistant which is loaded on a raspberry Pi. Can get some good effects


  2. James O'Rear

    Hello, now thats it's been nearly a year have the 3rd party extension wires performed well without any issues? Looking to add under and over cabinet lighting for my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your process. I'm still hesitant to commit to Philips hue and the extension due to worries of performance and damage that may be caused by the 3rd party extension. Thank you for the stellar video and I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. Thank you!

  3. Frank Moses

    Awesome.. You are the 1st one I have seen that actually showed how to install the lights. Everyone does the quick put it here turn them on video, but you showed how to connect them and where the extensions went. Great job and thanks.

  4. Bradley Madaris

    So question coming from a total moron that's new to the Philips Hue setup… So all you've done is basically buy the starter light strip, cut it down to size, get the separate extension packs and use the extenders from Amazon to make it one light? Or did you have to solder at any point to connect three separate pieces you've cut from the original starter light strip? Not really enough information to go off of, as I'm in the same boat as you are with the tiered shelving units.

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