The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

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The iPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive iPhone you can buy today – Is it a worthy successor to the previous most expensive iPhones you can buy or is it a rehash worth skipping?

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29 Replies to “The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great”

  1. Rama Pallander

    4:40 No siri doesn't have a major delay between activation and listening
    You can just say hey siri and keep talking. You hear the ding ding late because siri is waiting for you to say something and when shes not hearing anything then she reminds you that you can speak.

  2. Lord Sloth

    All is well and done till you try to download a pdf and try reading it on any other all than books. Shit funneling pro max. I can read so I use android. Most iSheep are illiterate anyway.

  3. Logan081GD

    Apple with the iphone 13 gonna be like: Introducing iPhone flexing ballz pro max 1 2 3 mini max 2pro. With the best camera ever, it has 50 different lenses covering half of the phone! And its ALL NEW intel core i9 9900k and 1000gigs of memory now with TWO RTX 3080ti graphics cardS, allowing you to have the most flexing capabilities ever. Also instead of a flimsy tiny fan inside, we put a triple fan A.I.O water Cooler instead!!!

  4. bobliuca

    I'm deciding between a Iphone 11 pro Max vs S20+ for my new phone. I use 2 phones now. My Iphone 6S+ runs smoother and have less glitches than my S9+. The pros for S20+ for me..size is narrower, so easier for 1 hand use, finger sensor unlock, storage card slot, lighter weight and maybe 5G but I won't have 5G in my area for several years. The pros for 11 Pro Max…better battery life, smoother apps and iphone tracking(so i can locate my kids). S20+ has a lot of features, but I probably won't use most of them.

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