The Huawei Case Just Got (More) Political

The arrest of a former Canadian diplomat in China and unexpected comments from President Trump raise a fresh question about the case of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou, who has now been released on bail: How political is it? Photo: Associated Press

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47 Replies to “The Huawei Case Just Got (More) Political”

  1. Constance Yen

    Trump's government has been planning this for a while before the kidnapping happened. It is political right from the beginning. That is why Trump did not even have any truthful evidence

  2. Ying Fu

    Do not boycott Apple for supporting Huawei.

    Huawei is a company doing bussiness within bussiness,and got the users by their quality and lower price than Apple.

    In face Huawei new mate 20 pro,P20 pro, with much better photo camera than Apple,really.

  3. Aaron Wang

    I’m sorry Canada. US wanted to expand their border decades ago … This is disgusting affair created by American government. I see a lot of wise people in the comment. Yikeeees

  4. whatsin aname

    this is what happens when canada has a weak military and depends upon the usa for protection and a weak secondary economy and depends upon china and the usa for money combine that with a very weak federal government essentially staffed by selfie taking tweeting instagramming children who are way way out of their depths . we have been manipulated into an untenable situation . its time to diversify our trade partners and get serious about our military (nuclear capability would be first on my list) . time to grow up canada .

  5. David Bergara González

    Here we go again, at the cusp of another cold war. I don´t support America´s actions but I also don´t support China´s disregard for human rights. I´m in the middle I guess. Not like it matters. The bombs won´t care.

  6. MyChinaMan 1950

    China should step up the pressure for the release Ms Meng. What Canada and the USA has done to her is abhorrent and completely illegal and how low has these two countries gone in using an innocent victim for their own political gain !

  7. Riyad


  8. John Dryden

    American citizens have nothing to fear. The Chinese … like most bullies, are cowards and therefore are taking the safe route of kidnapping innocent Canadian citizens knowing there is little to fear from Canada other than our chief social justice warrior!!!

  9. Si Filey

    Western been spying and oppressing the world since Colonialism and still does.
    Evil Western Post Colonial Oppression Still Exists
    America been spying on the World since they release the first Satellite.

  10. Ebel Hemech

    First it was THE NAXIS, then THE COMMUNIST, later THE TERRORIST, now CHINA. Let's us all see how far will US be able to bully CHINA. So far it's now working at all as the whole world now knows US inside out. Especially their lies.

  11. Ong Ernie

    Trump is behaving like MAFIA. AMERICA has been doing all these spying all the while. Now, they calling foul over, what they have been doing. Just because other country company is getting ahead of them. Trump is telling the world how unreasonable America are.

  12. Carlos Alberto Guerrero

    In these times Trump feels hurt because China is using the same methods that the United States used in its time. China has more reserves in dollars than the country that produces it (United States).

    China is doing the same as the USA, and the USA, but unlike the United States does not manufacture yuan since the financial market still manages the dollar pattern.

    What are the chinesse doing?

    Taking advantage of the bad habit that the American acquired in his good times, live as if the money grew from the trees. China sells products and goods to the United States above the USA's payment capacity. China tells the US do not worry you have credit, China is the largest US credit bank. The US debt to China is 1/3 of China's monetary reserve. If China undo of this debt in very short term, the dollar bankrupt like supporting currency. It is what China wants to do, but it can not do it in one fell swoop because it would cause a global debacle, and would include China, but it does so little by little and replaces the debt with Yuan instead of dollars. It will cause international currencies to have two currencies, the dollar and the yuan. Hence, positions of power in the world are taken through: the great Chinese play.

    The commercial war has bigger goals, in which Trump wants it or not, leads them to lose. He does not have how to buy his own debt for social and military spending. Everything seems to be that China does not want to sell the debt that I buy to use, China is not interested in dollars but world supremacy. Move to the Beijing Consensus

    In this 21st century, talking about Donald Trump and the USA, it is said: "Following economic and commercial protectionism is like closing oneself in a dark room, it may avoid wind and rain, but light and air will be left out" (Xi Jinping president of the People's Republic of China).
    The Yuang its in the IMF. And the IMF in some years is going to move to Beijing as stated by Alfredo Jalife, Mexican specialized in economics, geopolitics and globalization. Very Famous in Latin America and the whole world.
    The United States produces almost nothing, it's more agriculture, Latinos take care of it, or do many jobs that you do not want to do. Your economy is based on services (as the former president of Mexico states: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the famous rustbelt in the 60s represented 30% GNP, now represents 9% GDP since it has been converted into a service economy). China's economy is based on manufacturing, producing and exporting, that's why almost everything says Made In China around the world. The Americans are foolish because former. Mexican President Carlos Salinas with his Republican and Democratic friends in the US made the US Senate approve the NAFTA at began 1994, which is a surplus for Mexico and a deficit for the USA. YOU WILL LOSE THIS WAR LIKE VIETNAM, BUT THIS ONE IS COMMERCIAL AND YOU ARE CHALLENGING THE INDUSTRIAL POWER THAT PRODUCES THE MAJORITY OF PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD CHINA!
    In the long run, the commercial war will be won by China, for something that Donald Trump has not taken into account with his tariff policy is protecting the US and not the rest of the planet from China and Dumping supply. Two systems of government The United States has Democratic Capitalism and China one-party communist system in the political and capitalist in the economic (mixed economy).

    The US can not handle the dollar at will, it goes up or down depending on the global offer. The Yuan is also managed in supply and demand but when there is a crisis in which the Yuan loses its competition against the dollar, China can artificially devalue the Yuan, with which Chinese products are cheaper in the international market, and the Yuan is backed by gold. the dollar no. The United States can not use this mechanism with which it loses competition against China.

    To end a Superpower like the United States should not have external debt, have more than 40 million poor and have COMMERCIAL DEFICIT WITH THE WHOLE WORLD IN CHINA. I have a degree in Foreign Trade and Customs, with a Diploma in Globalization from the United Nations Chair and a Mexican student from the Master's in Economics.

  13. Kiayu Sun

    Do the Right thing let the Lady go… 
    Instead of creating Problems, Fix the Problems at Home.
    Stop printing and giving Trillions of Dollars to the Millitary Industrial Complex, and take care of your Citizens. 11 countries have universal healthcare and free education. The U..S. is the only highly developed country without universal healthcare.

  14. Lan Go

    Trump is the only honest person who speaks the truth. All others, American and Canadian politicians are psychopathic liars. Extortion after successful kidnap is now call canadian rules of law.

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