The Huawei Arrest: An Unexpected Threat to Trade Talks

As Washington-Beijing relations teeter, Chinese tech titan Huawei’s chief financial officer has been arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the U.S. But Meng Wanzhou, aka Sabrina Meng, isn’t your garden-variety executive; she’s the company founder’s daughter. Photo: EPA

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21 Replies to “The Huawei Arrest: An Unexpected Threat to Trade Talks”

  1. David Ben-Abraham

    There comes a time when the US President and his policies run contrary to America's interests, and become very detrimental to all concerned. When that time comes, as it is in this case of the arrest of the Huawei executive's daughter, it is time for the American people to stand-up against their President and not allow him the liberty to disrupt, decimate and destroy all the gains heretofore made by the American people.

  2. S N

    This is crazy. This lady has not been arrested as she has not committed a crime either in Canada ? or the ?? US. She is being illegally detained by any legal standards. Her human rights are being violated. She can not break USA ?? laws being Chinese in a foreign country that does not even make sense? How will the procecutors even frame this?

  3. S. Spees

    She is related to chinese royalty. All of Huawei is part of goal to take over communications in 5G area. Don't by their products. They steal Tech all the time. 🙁

  4. Juni LEE

    The US has sanctions against Iran because Iran is competitor of the Saudi terrorist country. From the countless interviews with Iranian diplomats, their current admin are quite moderate. Meanwhile Trump's admin continues to sell weapons and be on good terms with the Saudi, who is waging terrorist attacks against Yemen.

    Also China was promising, all thanks to the work of Deng Xiao Peng for opening the country out and setting a path towards democracy and banning against "personality cult". However, Xi have regressed the country back into a personality cult fascist country, where the people's thoughts are controlled through extreme censorship and internal propaganda, and the leaders holds absolute power and hence are above the law. Absolutely power absolutely corrupts, and no media within will dare to speak out least reporters goes missing w/o a trace, and no people from within will dare to utter a word against the leader least their social credit gets affected till the point that they cannot even move an inch.

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