The History Of Video Game Consoles

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The home video game console has progressed a long way since 1972 with the release of the Magnavox odyssey. Now having entered the 8th generation of console gaming, its time to look over our shoulders and see how console gaming has evolved over the years. Enjoy!!!

Big Thanks to Doug Aamoth, Greg Miller, Stephen Totilo, Karen Auby, and TIME Magazine!

29 Replies to “The History Of Video Game Consoles”

  1. Marco Polo

    The 360 didn't have any of those things until later on except achievements. Not to mention Microsoft stole hardware from Sony and even then they still could not beat them

  2. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    I have an idea for nintendo: the nintendo ultimate. It can play all of the past cartridges it has multiple cartridge slots for multiple console games.
    And it fan be portable or a home console. And it can play dvd and blueray.

  3. Ravishing Rupac

    Sega Master System once again just shat on. Too bad that the United States bias still rules like if we don't know it…its NOT kool. Sega won Genesis kicked ass right? Yeah of course they did

  4. Mr. SEA

    Being to control the movement of something on your home tv was an incredible experience in the 70s and early 80s. What I dislike is this idea that after Atari there were no gaming till Nintendo saved everyone. Young gamers simply went from console to home computers where there were even more games with improved graphics and the excuse that we needed a computer for home work…this phrase is used by young PC gamers even today. The Fifth generation was like 2nd generation where there was a flush of different game sessions

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