The History Of Video Game Consoles 1972-2014

Here is my latest videos, The History Of Video Games Console 1972 – 2014. Is a video that’s been long in the making, and part 2 of my old video History of video games 1972-2012. If your a fan of games, here is the creation of video games console from the very beginning until now.

45 Replies to “The History Of Video Game Consoles 1972-2014”

  1. Muzaffar Khan

    Dads be like "Back in my days atari and odyssey were the real deal and the console war contenders not those lame ps and xboxes with their stupid console wars and shit" ,jk my dad has no clue what video gaming is

  2. FalconPUNCHXXX

    Geese No wonder my uncle hate Odyssey so much. He said back in the day he finally bought a 3000 released before 4000 announced early released two days after. Then when got the 4000 ANOTHER ODYSESSY announced outta nowhere🤣😭

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