The Ford vs. Tesla Rematch: F 250 vs. Tesla Model X Tug-of-war

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35 Replies to “The Ford vs. Tesla Rematch: F 250 vs. Tesla Model X Tug-of-war”

  1. Mattie Ice

    How about this guys?:

    Spool the Ford up and destroy that Tesla. It only took 2 pulls to figure out a technique you never had to use in the first place

    The 6.7 puts out its torque at 1600-1800 RPM…it wouldnt even have been close…the “archaic” F250 would have pulled that Tesla to death

    Oh well.

  2. Michael Jorgensen

    Cute game of circle jerk😘 but lete leave nerd world and step into reality. That soccer mom van struggles towing a small boat yet some f250 tows 40,000 lbs. This is why telsa geeks need to post videos like this. A bunch of videos that have no real purpose in the real world. These guys define tesla nerd

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