The First iPhone vs The First Android!

Both iOS and the Android operating system are used by billions of people every day. But back at the beginning, which was best? iPhone vs Android.

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The original iPhone released in 2007 was hailed as revolutionary in a world where BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft Windows Phone reigned king. Google was working on a competitor to these platforms with the Android team they purchased in 2005. After the iPhone unveiling, Google changed course and the T-Mobile HTC Dream was launched in 2008. How did the two compare and which one was better? iPhone vs Android.

50 Replies to “The First iPhone vs The First Android!”


    I'm late, but I'll play. My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011. I got it on a contract and had it for 11 months before I dropped it in the toilet. A friend handed me down his S1 after that. I used it till it died and then got an S4. As smartphones have gotten better, I've found that I no longer need to buy high-end to get all the features I need, and so I currently have a Huawei Mate 20 Lite, which does everything I need it to do. I recently became a MacOS user though, so I've been considering if it would be worthwhile getting an older generation iPhone as my next one. Maybe a refurbished iPhone 8.

  2. Aaa Technology master

    My first iPhone was an iPhone 4. Then I went from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5c. Then from the 5C I went to the six. Then the 6+ for a little bit then back to the 610 to the 6S plus. Then to the seven then I went back to the 6S plus then I got the 10 hour two years ago. In a while back way before that I had one of those old clunky flip phones that you couldn’t really do much with. I like you though. Do you have any websites where we could possibly be friends and one of those sites.

  3. Ethan

    I went from a BlackBerry Storm to an iPhone 4 and been with iPhones since. It was like switching to a different universe. Looking back, though, I have some fond memories about my BB Storm.

  4. Dude Guy

    Idk man but you're the most positive person i have ever seen on the android vs ios fight in my entire life.

    And my first phone Nokia x2 and my current one is Samsung Galaxy A70 6Gb of Ram 128 of Rom and running on android 10 with Samsung one ui 2.1.

  5. Nino Heđi

    You didn't mention one thing about first android and it's fact that you could share files via bluetooth only between android devices and i know it because then i had java device and friend couldn't send me a song on my phone.

  6. SAM SB

    In 2007
    Google: People don't need headphone jack

    iPhone: No people need it

    In 2020

    Google:Yes people need headphone jack

    iPhone: No people don't need headphone jack


  7. Tom Pike

    The folders were cumbersome about 5 years ago when the feature was introduced and I started sorting my apps. Now, 4 iPhones later, I simply clone my user from phone to phone and never again have to sort all of the apps manually.

  8. ep-1000

    If you are from Europe you know we had dumb smart phones a long time before Iphone. Nokia and Ericsson made them. But they didn't apply to the masses. Nokia and Ericsson smartphones needed smart people. When Iphone came the smart people wasn't needed to operate the phone. Steve Jobs Was smart enough for all of us. In short. Apple did not make the first smart phone. Apple made it happen. They used already available technology and made a phone that worked. One problem with Ericsson phones was that you could open two ore more program at once. That med the phones crash. On the first ipone you could just have one app open at a time. Later when the soft or hardware was strong enough Iphone launched a phone with "multi tasking". Multi tasking was the thing that buried Ericsson and took Aple to heaven. Something like that.. But this is just like my opinion, man.

  9. Toni Lähdekorpi

    Did he really say Safari is the best mobile browser?
    25% of my work as a developer is trying to debug random issues and finding workarounds for bugs in Safari. It may look nice and the pages seem to work, but that is only because hard working developers are maintaining basically a separate version of their sites for it.
    It's IE6 all over again.

  10. BrunoDSL

    That's not the problem with calling the iPhone revolutionary. The problem is that the LG Prada predates the iPhone as a screen only phone by almost a year, yet people still believe that the iPhone was the first of its kind.

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