The FAKE $20 Nintendo Switch Controllers

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50 Replies to “The FAKE $20 Nintendo Switch Controllers”

  1. AwesomeGB

    I bought the same controller form the same company, but from amazon. And, so far, after doing a teardown, dropping them several times, and doing stress tests for over a year. I can say, that these are great. They are same in every aspect, cheap and have a 2-year warranty, and are pretty tough. The battery lasted for about 21 hours. So far; I'm pretty happy with them

  2. Kaelan

    I think the only good thing about the last controller is you can practice your hand eye coordination all you have to do is grab your tool box take out the hammer and see if you can hit it 3 times in a row in 10 seconds.

  3. Thomas Willmott

    Ive had 2 of these for over a year now and have just picked up a real one so i can give a good opinion on them. First of all, if you play docked, just buy one and enjoy the comfort and price for the best controller design, the Switch should come with one tbh. The controllers are identical to each other in terms of feel, design, how they play but they are priced correctly when you put them next to each other. The ONLY difference that matters to gamers is the Joysticks are not as senitive and wear out and drift after about 400 hours of use. The 1st fake splatoon joystick snapped on the axis and became un playable, sold it for repairs. The current fake pikachu pro i have is my main Switch controller and though the left stick has worn like a N64 joystick, where its lost the snap and auto centering its perfectly fine for the abuse Nintendo games offer. MK8, Splatoon, Zelda, AC and astral chai are spot on for these fakes, the only time you want the real is for FPS shooter precision and sim racing (+Smash). The real pro contoller is my steam controller for Battlefield, Dirt, project cars and RE2 where the high quality gyro and joysticks are needed. The switch doesnt really have any games that actually demand the precision the real one can offer.

  4. Nikorasuu

    I actually beat zelda botw and many other games with it and love it (I use it mostly for emulators yuzu cemu etc and connect my pc to tv for 4k gaming) Ps. I leave it connected for a whole day and night and they still work for like 3-4 hours when i wake up so they actually work for 20 hours or even more… Im still amazed how good it looks! I even think of buying more of them.

  5. Hard To Find Tutorials

    We have 4 of the Insten controllers the ones you compared to the xbox one controllers and we've been using them for more than a year and never had a single issue. We love them! Highly recommended even more so than the original Nintendo brand pro controller.

  6. Neverputsdownthecontrollerplayz

    When he said "There's only one bad thing about these controllers which are..". and then a raid shadow legends ad pops up like "Hola bro, lemme interrupt your video while you punch your wall for seeing me more than 100 times today 😉 " Btw the problem was the NFC amiibo reader

  7. Michael Korn

    I hope we have the same theory. When Nintendo made a deal with the factory, the factory got a percentage of controllers/ time to make their own controllers. Thats probably how you see perfect nba jersey or yeezies copies

  8. KyloAiden

    Just as a warning for the fake pro controller I dropped mine twice and the stick was popped out of the socket and I can’t click the stick that is one warning but I overall love it

  9. Hora Drakehart

    I love how you say functionality

    Gotta love it
    I snicker watching you since you’re so hilarious a it brighten my depressing days so easily
    Even if it’s just one word 🤣
    (If it’s because of you’re accent then I’m sorry if that sounds rude. I just love how you pronounce words)

  10. Who’s Mayro

    The joy cons I got with the switch broke after 8 months but for Christmas my mother got me those huge fake ones and they lasted 8 months as well. There is a pattern. Now I’m just gonna get a pro controller :/

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