The End Of Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One & More Halo Infinite News

With E3 still going on, Microsoft made a few more announcements during their Inside Xbox stream and game us some more news, good and bad!
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31 Replies to “The End Of Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One & More Halo Infinite News”

  1. Joey Carroll

    What a F**** JOKE! No Lotr The Two Towers, Return Of The King, The Third Age, SEGA GT 2002, Burnout 3 Takedown, Flatout, Gladius, Turok Evolution, Godzilla Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla Save The Earth, The Hobbit, or Mechassualt 1 and 2!? But most of all where in the HOLY HELL IS JET SET RADIO FUTURE!!!???

  2. Jeffrey Aguilar

    Guy at the store when looking at your original Xbox.
    There is damage to the clock drive, motherboard, totally fried, and let’s not even talk about the power supply. You know how expensive this hardware is son?
    Tell that to Halo 2.

  3. Aidan Quinn

    I’m just glad I got some of my favorite classic games on BC before it ends. I’ll never forget the day they revealed Left 4 Dead 2 would be backwards compatible. I still play that game all the time today

  4. Zack Bertuzzi

    My top 8 OG Xbox games I want on my Xbox one
    8 need for speed most wanted
    7 mechassault
    6 ford racing 2
    5 x-men legends 1&2
    4 corvette
    3 halo 1&2
    2 007 everything or nothing
    1 NHL 2005
    This nov please

  5. Big DeddyD30

    Hell UNREAL CHAMPIPNSHIP 1 came out nov 2002 when i was in 10th grade , GANGSTA SHIT SON. All these kids saying xbox sucks , ps4 sucks.
    Shut up you dont know what its like to APPRECIATE playing a "game"

  6. Batz130

    It not the end of Backwards compatibility, their focusing on Scarlett optimization and more games will come once it's released. Stop the blood clot lying, your speculation is based on your interpretation.😣😒

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