The End is Near for the Nintendo 3DS

With the last Nintendo Direct not featuring any 3DS announcements, the Nintendo 3DS is probably not going to hang on for that much longer. But it’s had a good run and will surely be a prominent console for collectors, because of it’s great library of games and DS backwards compatibility.

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47 Replies to “The End is Near for the Nintendo 3DS”

  1. ericcornish1983

    It's sad that the support is waning for the 3ds line, I own a 3DS XL but I was wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to the new 2DS XL at all, seeing as I believe that one is the one with the faster and newer processor. I still play my 3DS XL from time to time, I like having it on road trips or visiting family that doesn't really have game consoles to play so I can just bring my own with me. I also own the Nintendo Switch which I love but I don't really take it around with me at all because it's not ultra portable as the any of the handhelds in 3ds line, I find carrying a really long console that doesn't even fit in your pocket at all, that's not the case with the 3DS, I imagine I could just buy a switch lite that's soon to be coming out but I already own the normal switch and I don't normally double dip into a console especially with the new hardware unless there is a really good reason or incentive to do so.

  2. Tammer Aimer TV

    Well yeah I currently have my Switch and I'm so happy with it, but I just bought the new 3ds xl 2 days ago and I'm so darn happy playing with it, so if you think that the 3ds has almost come to an end, well I got good news for ya, it's still far from over, even Doug Bowser himself replied to the Verge saying, (We'll continue to support our 3ds family of systems as long as there is demand), so yeah maybe some companies including nintendo aren't making games for the 3ds anymore, but like you said, who knows what the future holds for it.

  3. Victor Sosa

    Please quit saying the Nintendo 3DS is now dying. It is overwhelmingly annoying to say that now since the 3DS functions still work to this day. You can still buy DSi and 3DS software via Nintendo E-Shop. There are people that still use the 3DS to play online and offline. Also, just because there are no games being announced doesn’t mean it is going to die. Maybe some releases for games are being delayed or not out yet. Therefore, you are still able to use a 3DS in 2019 without many problems.

  4. ms ns

    I love 3ds, games I can play
    Nes (emulator)
    Gameboy Color
    Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo 3DS
    SNES (emulator)
    nice console
    I hacked my 3ds if it werent for hacks I would stop playing it

  5. Nagi-sensei

    You're video was very well done, but i wish you would've talked about a couple more games that made the 3DS special because i think you barely scratched the surface.

    The 3DS is without a doubt my favorite game system of all time.
    I was already in love with the regular DS back then. That was around the time when i really got into importing games. Home Consoles back then were usually regionlocked, but since the DS didn't have this problem i got introduced to a lot of awesome games. Maybe to many because could hardly keep up.

    When i heard the 3DS would be regionlocked i was very disappointed at first and thought many great games would never see a release here in europe, but surprisingly most games got a worldwide release. Even titles such as Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX, Senran Kagura 1&2 and most Atlus RPGs.

    Still i never liked the regionlocking on 3DS, so i bought a japanese New 3DS around 2016 and even a american 2DS a couple of days ago so i could get more games i missed out on.

    The 3DS didn't have nearly as much support compared to it's predecessor, but because of that it was much easier to get every game i liked within the last few years and there are some really great ones.

    Now it looks like Persona Q2 in June might be the last great release outside of japan, but i will always treasure my 3DS collection. If you really took some time to read this long comment, thanks. I hope it wasn't too awkwared to read since im from germany and my english could be better.

  6. Sporadic Musings

    Great video. It feels strange; a console (DS series) that held my attention and loyalty as a customer for a sizeable portion of my life (2007 – 2018) will be completely abandoned and become obsolete.

  7. SolidSnake684

    Some of my favorite Nintendo hardware ever! Love the 3DS! I remember when it was laughed at, when it had no games and cost as much as a PS3 slim. My brother got one from Walmart, as they dropped the price before the street date, so he got the ambassador program while paying the cut price. Each year the system was out, I loved it more and more. I got my own copy when Pokemon X/Y came out, and that christmas I got FE Awakening and A Link Between Worlds. Now the 3DS has so many amazing games, and in my opinion was one of the best Nintendo systems ever, handheld or not. I'm really gonna miss it, but it is showing its age…

  8. RJ TV

    I think a lot of peapole don't care because they have a switch and don't care any more the older consoles

    But me I'm just a kid and don't have money to get a switch and if I ask to my mom : mom can I have a nintendo switch 4 my birthday. she will say:SHUT UP U SPOILED KID

    1LIKE =1CONFORT 4 ME AND THE 3DS 😢😢😭😭😭😭

  9. N8TE

    I had a new 3ds xl I loved that thing. My absolute favorite game was Pokemon alpha sapphire, I think I played nearly 200 hours on it, too bad it got stolen w/ my games and case in ARKANSAS !

  10. Mikudan

    oh man, I was so amazed when I saw the first pictures of the 3ds and in video game magazines of the 3ds, especially with ones playing zelda oot 3d, which I played on the N64, with such beautiful graphics on a handheld console! almost 1 year after release I finally got one, and it was amazing. Later on I got the XL and the limited Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition (Which I totally played the shit out). But the Design of the first, small 3ds is just the best, it just looks so.."expensive" and new and just awesome. The 2ds xl also looks dope imo, but I'm still fine with my newXL (though the colours on the edges are wearing off and the sticks are dying slowly lol) and the switch.

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