The electric car that redefines fast charging: the 2019 Audi e-tron EV

Dan “No Relation” Edmunds puts the U.S.-spec Audi e-tron through its paces in the mountains of Northern California. In his deep dive into the technology, quick charge capability and drive impressions of Audi’s first EV, we get a better indication of how it stacks up against the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace.

The e-tron isn’t as fast as its closest rivals, but it delivers plenty of overall performance. We give it high marks for comfort and convenience, which are critical to any SUV whether they’re electric or not. The e-tron’s EPA-estimated range of 204 miles also falls short of the Jaguar and Tesla, but Dan contends that with the fast-charge feature, it’s less of an issue.

Overall, Dan says the 2019 Audi e-tron is the “real deal” and looks to be a serious competitor in the growing EV market. Check back soon for our results from the Edmunds test track next.

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38 Replies to “The electric car that redefines fast charging: the 2019 Audi e-tron EV”

  1. fatboy19831

    In the real world, you can't find a non-Telsa 150 kw charger anywhere other than the NJ Turnpike and the bay area. My LRRWD Tesla 3 charges faster than the E-tron with the current 125kw Tesla Superchargers.has 120 more miles range and cost 30k less. The all-new 250kw V3 Tesla chargers will be far faster. They will charge 150 miles in 10 min.
    The Etron is a quality product with outdated technology.

  2. Onoff314

    This no doubt will have a better build quality but how does the E-tron redefine fast charging? Firstly you can't get them as they have all been recalled and secondly the 3 can charge at over 800miles an hour. This is far slower

  3. One-off maximus

    This video shows the Tesla Model 3 can charge at 1200km/h (745 MPH) from empty to around 55% faster than the e-tron. And because it is more efficient, can charge for 20 mins and have 236 Miles of range, you can leave while the Audi has to keep charging until 40 mins to go its max range 235 miles

    After 20 mins of charging
    1) Tesla at 70% charge ; Range = 392 km ( 236 miles ) (Same as E-tron max range lol)
    2) E-tron at 63% charge ; Range = 242 km ( 150 miles )

    Conclusion: when it comes real world charging speed Tesla wins.


    Edmunds information is out of date. Tesla Model 3 still charges faster than the Audi E-tron. A recent real-world DC charging test by Bjørn Nyland clearly showed the Tesla Model 3’s significant charging advantage over the Audi e-tron. Even on a CCS charger, which doesn’t take full advantage of the Tesla’s potential, the Model 3 performs much better. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range adds 179 miles of highway range in 20 minutes, 61% more than the Audi e-tron’s 111 miles.

  5. Carl Ljungquist

    Nice car but it's no Tesla. 200 miles in average weather is just not enough. In cold weather that will drop to 135. Tesla model S is 370 miles and soon to be 400 according to the latest information from Tesla this week. Glad to see they are cooling the batteries like Tesla. The trick words in this commercial are Standard and Current. They know Tesla has been upgrading all their chargers and is much faster at charging than Audi. But still, it's a great start. Good luck to VW. We need enough EV's to replace all ICEs on the planet.

  6. Shawn Poindexter

    Even if it could accept power faster than a Tesla (which it doesn't; Tesla can accept 250kW) the measure of fast charging should be in miles of range per hour which it performs even worse at because the vehicle is so inefficient relative to a Tesla.

  7. Ayush Malpeddi

    The Model Y which releases next year gets 300 miles of range for the long range version starting at 47000$. It also has more room inside and quicker charging. Don’t think this Audibis worth it except it’s phenomenal interior

  8. jjj jjj

    Are you on drugs? It can only add 163 miles in 30 minutes when charging, Model 3 can add up to 180 miles in 15 minutes.
    The Audi is by far the worst EV on the market given its price. It's not even funny how bad it is.

  9. Nolan B

    How much leg room in the driver's seat?  Looked kind of tight.   Would love to get an all electric car in two years, so will check this one out when that times comes. Thanks for the review.

  10. jaro essa

    At $70,000 to only go 200 miles is a JOKE!! And then Audi goes cheap on you – they can't even include the at-home fast charger for that price. They want you to pony up more money if you want that special charger. Pppfffttttttttttttttt! NO SALE, Audi!!! Oh, and let's not forget the RECALL because of risk of spontaneous FIRE!!

  11. David G

    To early and too expensive! I will let other buyers be the guinea pigs. 5-10 years from now they will have a more reasonable grid and quirks figured out! I appreciate and admire people who are willing to take the risk on such vehicles.

  12. I.M. Impending

    Seems Audi might have found production HELL "Audi confirmed Monday that it is recalling 1,644 E-tron electric SUVs, including 544 vehicles that have been delivered to customers, due to an issue with the battery pack’s seal that it says could lead to “a short circuit or thermal event.” 3 days ago

  13. Cesar Trujillo

    You can’t buy this right now. I’m st the dealership and they say there was a serious safety problem and they cannot sell these right now. They don’t know if they will go back on sale. No surprise I’m being pushed into another car type with a sale that’s “too good to pass up”. I’m stopping at the at Tesla showroom on my way home before I make up my mind. Maybe I should just switch to all Lyft, at least until I make up my mind. No car gas and insurance payment would be nice for a few months.

  14. JELH

    LOL! He says 15 minutes recharging is great. No, buddy, it isn't. Refueling an Audi Q5 takes less than 5 minutes. But… I've heard that Toyota is developing a range of fully electric cars that will have solid state batteries and they promise a much faster recharging time than 15 minutes. So… Fingers crossed that Toyota manage to make 5 minute recharging possible.

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