The DJI Mavic Air’s Secret Button

Although this button doesn’t have the coolest features, it’s definitely a helpful thing to know about if you own a Mavic Air.

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47 Replies to “The DJI Mavic Air’s Secret Button”

  1. Andrew Hinds

    If you happen to forget your controller and leave it at home then you are an incredibly irresponsible drone pilot. Before I go out I ensure that the latest updates are installed, that my batteries are charged and that everything else I need is ready and at hand.


    Billy when I'm using my controller and my phone is the dashboard in the lower left hand side there is a circle that indicates direction of travel how do I enable that? Thx just got drone back from repair shop.
    Search: Angry cyclist kills Drone.

  3. Brian Fugate

    That secret button helped me perform a factory reset on my mavic air it was a certain button combination between that one and the power button but I cannot tell you exactly how I did it I did this after I put it in the bottom of the pool works great now

  4. Sprinkler/Irrigation Repair

    I cant do it!!! I cant even watch 10 seconds of this video without my eyes moving straight towards your nasty whiteheads. I get it, your like a mid 20's dude, that is just hitting puberty. (Congrats!) But bro, wash your face, pop those suckers before throwing a 1080P or even a 4K camera up to it. Or, if you cant understand and need me to put it in your words…….Pop those 2 "Secret Buttons"

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