The DJI Mavic Air is STILL One of the Best Drones in 2019

DJI Mavic Air:

The Mavic Air is the perfect sidekick to bring with you on any adventure! It’s small size makes it easy to travel with but it still manages to pack a punch.

My Gear:
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34 Replies to “The DJI Mavic Air is STILL One of the Best Drones in 2019”

  1. Tim Holyoake

    I fly a P4a for photo quality. It is amazing. But my Mavic air joined me about three weeks ago. And has blown me away. Noises? Yes, but it’s no biggie for me, I can’t find any faults. Just love it to pieces

  2. Jet Martin

    Billly, thanks for the review. I agree that the Mavic Air is a great drone BUT I recently purchased both the Mavic Air and the Parrot Anafi and I have to say that I MUCH prefer the Anafi. The Anafi is not perfect but IMO it clearly beats the Mavic Air. Why?:

    1 – Significantly longer flight time (25 vs 21) with Anafi…and in my experience the Anafi will give you 23mins of actual flight time and the AIR will only give you 18min (at best if you turn off sensors/apas) of actual flight time.
    2 – SOOOOOOO much quieter than the Mavic Air…It's easily one of the quietest drones in the market. I don't enjoy the Air because it is SOO frickin annoyingly loud and based on the stares I get when flying the Mavic Air it definitely garners a lot more "attention" (agitated stares).
    3 – 180 degree gimbal…I'm able to get shots that I would never be able to get with the Mavic Air
    4 – Amazing Zoom – I didn't realize how useful this would be until I had it.
    5 – No (obnoxious) Fly Zone software
    6 – Free flight software is fantastic….easy access to all key features/settings…I would argue it's better than DJI's software..more intuitive and better features (e.g., Flight Plan). I've never owned a Parrot or a DJI product prior to now so I'm coming at this fresh.
    7 – NO props in the picture – You NEVER have to worry about getting props in your Anafi footage. I DO NOT fly and record video in Sport mode and I still consistently get props in the video with the Mavic Air when I'm flying against any wind > 10mph.
    8 – Anafi has 21MP camera vs Mavic Air's: Personally I find the Anafi's 21MP to be as good or better than the Mavic Air;
    9 – Less Expensive than Mavic Air – Prices change over time but at list price the Air is $799 vs $699 for the Anafi. If they were the same price I'd still prefer the Anafi.

    The Mavic Air does have some advantages over the Parrot Anafi :
    1 – Obstacle Avoidance with APAS is a fantastic option; Not sure how much I will use it but it's nice to have in certain conditions.
    2 – Distance/Resistance to interference – Probably longer distance in Urban areas (from what other reviewers have said) but for me both are adequate for my needs.
    3 – Mavic Air is locked in with no drift and really good precision landing. Let's face it nobody does this better than DJI.

    So on my personal Drone team the Parrot Anafi is the "starter" and the Mavic Air would be my backup.


  3. Juan Tirve

    did you use any nd filter for the shot on 7:45? those type of movements come up with a lot of jitter in my case and I think its because of the high shutter speed that I use since I don't have any ND filter.

  4. G T

    when I was in Singapore, the Air is almost unflyable, signal lost in just 200m no matter what channel, sold it straight away after I got home.

  5. TornPaperYoyo

    I am going to switzerland next month and am thinking of buying the mavic air before I go. It will be my first drone so I think it will be more than good enough for me. Would you recommend me going with the mavic air for my first drone or is there another one I should go with for my first one?

  6. G S

    Agree with you Billy. The Mavic Air is awesome, I just can't stand the noise because put people off very quickly. Apart from this annoying fact, I love everything else and I'm not worried about wifi because I never fly my drones in cities. Keep up the good job!

  7. Basha Pretsch

    I work on Cruise ships and I enter alot of country's where drone usage is heavily regulated and or outright banned. It's small size is perfect to get passed authority's. Just put in camera back and done. If you don't know what your looking for you will not find it.

  8. Stang5479

    I completely agree about sport mode. Sport mode is imperative if you’re trying to follow a vehicle or boat. I love a good shot over the water at 2-3 ft altitude too. I have started flying in reverse and then just reversing the footage as necessary…this works for scenery but not vehicles obviously. And of course flying in reverse means you have to have perfect line of sight for preventing accidents. For filming a moving object at some small altitude it’s not an issue since the object is below u and you don’t run out of gymbal range. You definitely have to adjust for this albeit small limitation of the Air. I can see myself wanting to have Mavic Pro variation at some point but the Air will still be with me wherever I go for when a photo or video opportunity arises.


    if ppl r following u they think line of sight ain't a problem when by beginners r the 1s who hit into air planes or other issues 2 miles ain't no line of sight or is over water ok 🤔

  10. MoTab

    Even its release for more than a year (almost 1.5 year), I agree Mavic Air is still a very good PRICE/PERFORMANCE drone.
    Especially for beginners that want to have a decent drone with high abilities and portability. Not a pro drone, but have the capability near to pro ones.
    If you want to see some scenery footage taken with Mavic Air you should visit my channel.
    All videos upto now show footage taken with my Mavic Air and none of them are color graded.
    Tip: Watch all of them in 1080p, because YouTube's compression makes them look bad.

  11. Chris71319

    I agree, its still a great drone! I dont mind the limited range of my mavic air. Its not that bad and i like remaining a visual line of sight, which i have to legally.

  12. AZRJR

    Billy without a doubt your reviews and tutorials are the best on YouTube..Lucid, concise, always on point…I own just about every DJI drone made including the Matrice 600 pro, need them for my ranch..Your parents should be proud as you exemplify the best of the younger generation..No use wishing you good luck in your future endeavors as you already are a proven winner…Thanks for all the informative videos….RJR Arizona..
    P.S. I was from Philly, left 40+ years ago, miss Pat's..

  13. Andrew Andron

    For me I want:
    Super quiet
    Super long flight time
    Super good connection and live feed
    Super good camera
    Mavic 2 Pro is my go to…
    If you want:
    Super portability
    Super low price
    Super decent overall drone
    Then Mavic air might be right for you.

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