The Chevrolet Bolt EV – Making Important Choices for Future Generations | Chevrolet Canada

Greg Hill and his family live in a small town deep in the mountains in BC. Protecting nature is important to them, but so is getting out to where they can discover their next adventure in the wilderness. The technology of the all electric Chevrolet Bolt EV enables Greg to make sustainable choices, but still live the lifestyle he wants to live.
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35 Replies to “The Chevrolet Bolt EV – Making Important Choices for Future Generations | Chevrolet Canada”

  1. Ryan C

    Wonderful video. In 2018, it seems entirely incongruous to me to simultaneously live in such a uniquely gorgeous part of the world and persist in contributing to its destruction if you can afford not to be doing so.
    Perhaps it's just because I'm from a far less visually-striking place (Texas), but I simply cannot fathom living amongst such natural wonders and daring to spit in their figurative faces. It's as ludicrous to me as littering, which in my opinion ought to be tantamount to treason. I can't wait to become British Columbian. 🙂

  2. VideoTape

    But is it sustainable though? All the technologies showcased in the video are nothing but time bombs. When this advanced computer technology is gonna start failing, what is one gonna do? Cars today are choke-full of custom ICs, microcontrollers and firmware. Unlike a car made 40 years ago which will still be repairable in an hundred years.

  3. Bass Ackwards

    The hike to the waterfall there is no Ev plug there.The falls are called Sutherland Falls at Blanket Creek Provincial Park. There are no Ev plug ins at the park at all. The hike is literally 3 mins to get to the falls. The idea an adventure is just waiting at EV Plug ins is a lie, I hope EVS work out, and I know they are trying to sell the vehicle but to see them splice landscapes and scenery hours away from each other present it as something it's not is a bit annoying. I guess all advertising is this. Some of the shots are the Okanagan too, not Revelstoke.

  4. xtremejeeps

    Ok I own one, waited 8 months for it in Ontario. Been driving it for a month now with almost 2000kms on odometer. If this is an ad it misses the mark. This is not an tree hugger car, this is not an environmentalist car, this is an everyday people car. With all the advantages of a gas car is an more! It is better than a gas car period! I am not a tree hugger nor environmentalist. I am Canadian! In 40 years of driving in Ontario I lost my passion for driving. I saw the car as a tool, to slowly get one from a to b in all day rush hours. The Bolt has re-ignited a long gone flame for cars! Its fast its fun in so many ways! One pedal driving, the quiet when matting the pedal and the instant acceleration still makes me smile. its like a secret game on wheels that teaches me whole new ways of thinking about energy!

    Chevy need to market it to people like they market all their cars. Touch peoples passion for cars, there are far more of them.

    BTW Chevy, if you are listening, Build me a Bolt SS 🙂

  5. Josh Smith

    I really want this to be my next car, and the electric car incentives in Ontario are going to make it easier on my wallet. Hopefully in January, fingers crossed.

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