The Biggest Samsung TVs I've Ever Seen! – CES 2019

We saw some pretty impressive stuff at CES 2019! Samsung TV introduced something called Micro LEDs and, finally, a line of Samsung 8K QLED TVs. Just so many pixels. Take a look at my time at CES checking out the Samsung TVs! Which interests you the most?

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34 Replies to “The Biggest Samsung TVs I've Ever Seen! – CES 2019”

  1. James Landrick Escultor

    4k LG is better than that 8k samsung,i saw a comparidon vlog where two random people made to watch from this tv without showing or letting them know that one of those was 4k and the other was 8k,they end up chosing the LG 4k over the samsung QLED 8k.

  2. oggy jack

    Im just stunned at watching your success. I started watching this channel, when you had just few 100k subs and after these many years you finally have a 2M+ subs. I feel so proud as if I was part of the journey all along.

  3. Little_Boy 86 Clash of Clans

    I really like the module TV as you can add on as your budget, or income allows.! However, when this vid showed THE 8K NEXT TO 1080 HD that they labeled "UHD" was VERY MISLEADING!! 😒🤷‍♂️. The ONLY REASONABLE Comparison to put BESIDE 8K IS A 4K.!!! There is so LITTLE DIFFERECE BETWEEN PICTURE QUALITY, that often 4K looks better as 8K pixels are so small that contrast & definition is difficult as the pixels blur color lines and black border edges look grey. 8k is too early to sell to public. Better off upgrading to120Hrz refresh or 240Hrz on 4K for gaming and not worry about working GPU on 8K. I suspect 4K to be around a long time unless those modular units become very inexpensive very quickly.

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