The Best Z-Wave Plus SmartThings Compatible Motion Sensors

Review and comparison of the 9 BEST SmartThings compatible Z-wave plus motion sensors.In this episode, we will review the following motion sensors:

The Wink Hub 2 Sensor Review is here:

Aeotec Multi Sensor 6,Dome,Ecolink PIR, Fibaro, GE/Jasco, HomeSeer, Monoprice, Neo Coolcam, and Zooz

PIR Motion sensors are an important part of effective home automation.In this video we look at the best options for the Wink Hub 2 as well as discuss some of the other features on the multi sensors.

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7 Replies to “The Best Z-Wave Plus SmartThings Compatible Motion Sensors”

  1. sairam71

    well what about the GE switches with built in motion detectors? seems like 2 in 1 unless it doesnt work with smartthings. crazy amount of time you put in this wow… u need more subs.

  2. imlon2

    I have a questions off this subject. I'm looking for a smart switch that I can use on my fireplace that is connected via low voltage.. I can easily get power to the switch to power it.

    Any ideas?

  3. Brian Crounse

    I know this doesn't get into custom device handlers for ST, but I know they exist and will likely enhance the gap in some of these devices and controls. Is there such a thing for Wink; something that will allow custom code for a specific device to work better?

  4. Hillel Shir

    Great video, keep up the good work, really appreciate it.
    Unlike zigbee, Z-Wave frequencies are different between countries.
    As much as I know, only Fibaro comes in different frequency than the one in the states. Is that correct?
    I was impressed with the zooz performance, but unfortunately I couldn't find it in EU frequency.

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