The best universal remote you can buy

Juggling a bunch of remotes when all you want to do is watch some TV is a pain in the neck. A good universal remote solves this problem for you, and might even do some things you didn’t expect. We tested the remotes available to buy now and found the best one to get.


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35 Replies to “The best universal remote you can buy”

  1. Steve Hoge

    Elite has "everything you could need in a universal remote" – LOL!  Everything but low-level programming, ability to intermix Activities and Device controls, device control punch-through, ability to program or learn Bluetooth, a stable configuration app….

  2. Callum Suttle

    What about the ultimate? You can get one on amazon for £80 (inc the hub) and other than the different UI has all the features of the elite. The only problem is the awkward play pause buttons

  3. Aaron McFarland

    I will agree, this remote is awesome. I owned the harmony one and upgraded to this model a few months ago. With Alexa (IFTTT) integration, that was the selling point for me. Also, being able control wifi and bluetooth devices definitely makes it a worthy update over to the Harmony One.

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