The BEST Smart TV App You Need to Install

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Watch this review of a great Smart TV

Got a smart TV? Want the best TV app that will change the way you watch TV.

How to Install Plex Media Server

30 Replies to “The BEST Smart TV App You Need to Install”

  1. Lozza 7

    how do I get that screen with the reccomended apps ? the other screen i always get is the screen in the left corner with whats playing st the time ans the right corner is anyother thing and the search bsr at the top and some apps below but not all.

  2. P Huster

    I bought a Hisense H6 50 inch 4K UHD TV, model# 50DU6070. EVERY OTHER external audio sound system I've set up has been a breeze compared to this. I've tried 2 soundbars, both gave great sound in the small room they were in, a Proscan PSB374W and a Polk Surroundbar 2000. Basically, at 1/3 volume, you had to raise your voice to talk to a person 3 feet away from you. Hooked up to the new Hisense, even at max volume we can talk quietly and converse. I've tried both the 3.5mm jack and the digital audio jack, even the RCA jacks. Basically, with the TV speaker off, the volume is equivalent to maybe 18 with just the TV speaker. I tried the youtube trick to get stereo, not any noticable difference. What else can I try?? I'm lost. I even tried a plain old stereo speaker to the 3.5 jack, no sound at all. To me, that's wrong right there.

  3. Vic Fontaine

    I downloaded Plex n my new Samsung smart tv. It just gives me a code to punch in. Can't seem to do that on a tv. It won't work. Maybe it's only designed for a laptop or laptop in conjunction with tv. Any ideas. I have an Apple iPad.

  4. Deepak Neupane

    I tried Sony HDTV model 32EX650 .But i did not see my plex media server movies which is on my laptop that suppose to be appear that screen in my TV but I am not able to do from direct app from TV app

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