The Best Smart Thermostat? – ecobee4 Alexa Enabled Smart WiFi Thermostat Review

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This is truly, in my opinion, one of the if not the best smart thermostat on the market. Of course there will be people that prefer the Nest, and it is truly a fantastic thermostat, but the ecobee handles your home differently, and now has Amazon’s Alexa assistant built in!

16 Replies to “The Best Smart Thermostat? – ecobee4 Alexa Enabled Smart WiFi Thermostat Review”

  1. Jacob Adams

    okay i've watched a few reviews for this product. i get the sensors thing. but can you explain how this works? (if it's cold in my bedroom and turns the furnace on, isn't it going to warm up the whole house)?

  2. Michael Messenger

    Is there any way to use the motion sensors from Ecobee to double as a security system either by linking them to other products like ring or telling Alexa to set off an alarm if motion is sensed in any of the entryways of the house?

  3. Chris B

    Man, I hate to say this but this is the fourth video in a row that I have watched stating “review”…. but it’s not even a product review. You didn’t touch on the actual product at all… took almost half the video to talk about remote sensors and then you just talked about Alexa for what seems like the rest of the video. I had to skip through most of it to try and find something about the product… I quit at 10:49

    Not here to bash… just frustrated searching for review videos just to have someone talk about something else.

  4. Mark Smith

    What happens if you disconnect it from your Amazon account on the device, or are you just referring to not enabling the skill in the Alexa app (foregoing all voice control via Echo devices), which is obviously not desirable?

    My concern is this: I can see us having a second Alexa device in the living room when this updated Fire TV with integrated Alexa microphones comes out, and I hear this does not support the ESP feature where only one unit responds.

    Muting it with the red light on top just looks obnoxious!

  5. Paindoctor

    Nice video…I just installed this professionally into a brans new Carrier ac system. The Alexa works great, EXCEPT: it will not change the temperature when i ask it EVER. Do you know why?? Also, I cannot use my iPhone apps to change it via voice either, and I’ve installed the skills of ecobee into the apps. What gives?

  6. Vick Patel

    You did a awesome job in big inning by explaining then other you tuber. Keep up the good work. Love your detail reviews. ?
    I got nest just like the simplicity and does everything beside alexa.

  7. Alok Kapartiwar

    Do you know how this would work with a multi-zone system? I do not have a split furnace. Our furnace just has 3 zones for three levels of the house. So do I need 3 ecobees? I would think that 1 ecobee4 with multiple sensors on each floor would work? But then I am not sure how it would handle the drop in temp on any one floor.
    For example. during the winter if only the main floor is occupied, the upper floor would remain cold since the sensor on 2nd floor would never detect anything till someone goes there. May be I need 3 ecobees, one for each floor.

  8. GHN1013

    One essential question for me. With either the Ecobee3 or 4, when on Heat/Cool mode (I think that's called "Auto"?) can you ask Alexa to control the high or low temperatures separately ? For example, if my temp range is (65-75), can I say "set high temp to 74" and it's only changes the top temp to (65-74)?

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