The Best Phone Money Can Buy? [Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS] | The Tech Chap

The PORSCHE DESIGN Huawei Mate RS is a super premium (and super expensive) version of the P20 Pro – with a stylish new design, up to 512GB of storage and an in-screen fingerprint scanner! So is the Mate RS the best phone money can buy?

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27 Replies to “The Best Phone Money Can Buy? [Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS] | The Tech Chap”

  1. Not Your Business

    Huawei owned by the Chinese government and the PLA. If your are an American who buys this you are a traitor to your country, you are supporting the filth of China that slaughters Tibetans, Falun Gang etc. You are no better than the dumb asses who looked the other way with the Nazis, because they helped the German Economy. Huawei is an evil imperialistic communist company.

  2. Michael Groenendijk

    Huawei is premium crap.
    Specs look oke but its crap.
    Fingerprint not always respons.
    Its hard to customize rom
    App manager sucks big time
    Huawei is worse than apple with lying marketing.
    Now they do porche design just like lg did. All for the eye. Works with teens. Not for me.

    I miss my samsung. Next one wil be the samsung s10

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