The Best Home Weather Station: Netatmo – Unboxing and Setup

Check out the new Netatmo Weather Station in this unboxing and setup. Quite an interesting device that is accessible via the internet from anywhere in the world. See what the temperature in your home and backyard is while you’re at home or away.

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7 Replies to “The Best Home Weather Station: Netatmo – Unboxing and Setup”

  1. Gabrielle Rossi

    Hi … my name is Gabrielle and I have a master's degree in Brazil and I have studied meteorology and hydrology. I would like to have access to scientific studies using netammo. Could your channel help me?

  2. Dallas Dal

    150 bucks is way too much for a weather station that does not have a stand alone display and can only be viewed on a Smart Phone or PC. La Crosse has one for 142 on Amazon.

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