The Best Game Consoles In History (PS3 And Xbox 360)

The Playstation 3 aka the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are hands down the BEST Gaming Console’s in the entire history of gaming. This Generation will never have anything like this not even the PS5 or the Xbox One Series X can compete with them.

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Video used showing ps3 and xbox 360 in intro:

Hey everybody, 3 weeks ago I Played The PS3 in 2020 to see who still playing and Why? Yall enjoyed that video so i figured instead of playing just the Play station 3 i decided we would play the Original Xbox 360 as well. I picked out the most Classic games for each console. We played Halo 3 and Saints Row 2. The PS4 and Xbox One or 1 have NOTHING on these two consoles right here. Idc what anyone says the ps3 classic and xbox 360 original will always be the top dogs in my book. I remember people would always look up which was the best console PS3 vs Xbox 360 and now that i look at it both of these consoles are amazing. Tomorrow Microsoft is hosting it’s Xbox One Series X live stream showcase where they introduce there new Console. We already saw Sony do theres with the PS5 aka Playstation 5 so im curious how Microsoft Vs Sony will play out with this one. I heard Halo Infinite returns. I’m excited and hyped up for it.

PS5 Vs Xbox Series X is about to be the only thing we see these next few months in terms of Gaming Consoles lol

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