The Best Drone For Your Money! Parrot Anafi!



Parrot Anafi 4k test footage:

Instagram: @JakobOwens
Twitter: @JakobOwenss


Footage captured by: Jakob Owens
Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro

23 Replies to “The Best Drone For Your Money! Parrot Anafi!”

  1. mh1023 mh1023

    Was there any damage to the drone when your buddy crashed it? How durable are they? Also I have an open backyard that is surrounded by woods on all sides, if I have the drone above the tops of the trees over the woods and I hit the return to home button will it fly at the same altitude until it's over my yard and come straight down or will it come down at an angle and hit the trees?

    Thanks for the video and info.

  2. Tony Light

    I got the extended pack for 800 bucks 3 bats a cool case that holds the controller and cables/ spare blades/drone and a 2 month photoshop subscription not to bad only thing is my first flight the controller GPS didn't turn green even tho I had the map showing and it said it was connected not sure what's up maybe I need to calibrate again or get a diff usb cable connecting my phone to control if anyone has an idea let me know thanks

  3. vekthor rohtvek

    After a few years with DJI (Phantom 2v+, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Spark), I find the Anafi to be the drone i was hoping for. Quiet, portable, stable, excellent camera, great autonomy, lightweight app, packed with features. Cheap for the specs, great buy 👍

  4. Gadget Inspector

    I enjoyed your review. Getting ready to pull the trigger on one. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bebop 2 and I’m looking forward to a significant upgrade. Most of the kinks should be ironed out by now since release, but I’ll be taking a deep dive into everything.

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