Today we’re checking out what I think is the best DJI Spark accessory ever! The portable charging station completely changes how you can use the Spark while you’re out flying. It has the ability to double the length of flight time which is the main negative when you think about the DJI Spark. Seriously I’m amazed by this thing.

DJI Spark Portable Charging Station

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50 Replies to “THE BEST DJI SPARK ACCESSORY! [4k]”

  1. Memeboi

    Why do I need this if I can just charge 2 batteries just using the spark? I charge one battery using the spark and when that one is done I can do the same with the other!

  2. Adam McKim

    One thing you forgot to mention is that it will always charge the battery in the drone first. If the drone isn't on the charger, then yes it will charge the highest charged battery first. But once you drop the drone on, it will charge that battery first over the other two. So if you really wanted charge the lowest battery first, then put that battery on the drone and it will charge it before the other two.

  3. Ron Hart

    This is the fly more combo I purchased and the case is perfect for a backpack carry. It also secures everything well. I have been watching eBay to get another for my backup spark !!

  4. Michal Szwed

    A little late but for your information, spark batteries and portable charger battery are rated 11.1v (lipo battery 3.7 nominal per cell) so your power bank may be 10000 mah but only 3.7 . So when you try to charge spark with you power bank you will use 3x 1460mah AND loos some in the process of converting voltage . So the station compared you a normal power bank have something like 15000mah but in a more effective way. When you have 5000mah but at 11.1v you don't loose power at conversion. Hope I make it clear.

  5. Jeffrey Pringle

    Nice video, however I feel like some key points are missing. Is this faster charging than the plug in charger? how many batteries can it charge before it runs out? What is the suggested price for the charger?

  6. Sean C.

    TEDD why did you have to go and show me this? Now I want A Spark so I can get this product. I already have a Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro but this is so damn cool! If they get one of these for the Mavic Air, it's on.

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