The Best DJI Go 4 Settings for the Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom

Mavic 2 Pro Camera Settings:
Mavic 2 Zoom Camera Settings:
EXP Settings Explained:

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33 Replies to “The Best DJI Go 4 Settings for the Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom”

  1. tomas o sullivan

    hi billy just bought my zoom and doing the set up ..has the app changed some settings after a few firmware updates becuase i watched a few videos on how to set up the mavic 2 and i seem to be missing a few options …

  2. JimiRox

    "THE BEST" ??? Who are you to say what the "best" settings are. Everybody has different tastes. Perhaps you should have named your video "My Favorite" camera settings.

  3. G Fields

    I need some help. I would like to use the C2 button for "auxiliary bottom light" however, and although I am able to make the selection, it doesn't work. In fact, of all the options, only a few will work. This is on both C1 and C2 buttons. Any help would be appreciated. PS: I have the latest firmware. 0.300

  4. TD Map

    7:35 The Charge Mode is not available on Android OS. When your devise is connected it automatically starts charging. You can’t disable the charging. I hope DJI add this functionality to Android OS via firmware update.

  5. Bob T

    Have to say. Your thoughts on going up and not down if you find a manned aircraft is flying near. Is a dangerous way to fly Billy. I struggle to make sense of that one.

  6. Daytona 6263

    Great video Billy. BTW – the 'return to home at current altitude' applies to the drone flying back to the homepoint if RTH is activated within a 20m radius of the homepoint – if you turn this off it will land where it is if within 20m. Turning it on reduces the radius from 20m to 5m – it has no impact on RTH if the drone is more than 20m away. So if you are flying over a lake 5-20m away from the homepoint it is best to have this switched on mate…

  7. Nick Bartels

    Hey Billy great video! One thing I can not find is how to change the volume on the remote controller? I remember being able to adjust the volume of the beep from the remote on my original Mavic pro, but can't figure it out on the Mavic 2 Pro remote. Any ideas? Thanks!

  8. Uncle Buck

    Very nice video good information. Had to send back my zoom to DJI I don't think my camera ever worked right. Finally the camera would not go up or down. Then gimbal over load message keep coming up had to reset gimbal , then the camera in the menu was not there anymore. finally DJI said to send back.

  9. Ethan Mitchell

    Thanks Billy! Have you noticed there is no option for gimbal Follow Pan?? When the Mavic is on the ground the gimbal will follow pan if you pick it up and turn it, but as soon as you take off it is locked in the pan direction.

  10. Magnus Persson

    Been waiting for this video! Value your expertice on drone fiming alot. I am an MP and M2P owner and been experimenting with alot of diffrent settings. You should do a tutorial video on night photography? My own tip for that ISO 100-800 OK, Aperture settings is where your histogram curve get the best values. After that it is all about post edit, and noise reduction filters.

  11. Richard C

    This is for IOS system: Android system is different. Android does not have CRITICAL LOW BATTERY WARNING under battery settings; CHARGING MODE under the remote controller settings; CACHE MAP in BACKGROUND under the …general settings. You did not mention but IOS also has the ability to get more critical information by swipping screen left or right. Of course, I do not have IOS so I cannot say if the swipe left or right changed or what is exactly on the screen. I think that DJI leans towards supporting IOS. I believe IOS is one version ahead of the Android version.

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