The best autonomous drone just got better

The Skydio 2 feels like the stuff of dreams – a drone that can fly itself, follow you around without crashing into trees. Now, the idea is far more affordable at $999 for the craft itself, with upgraded cameras, battery life, navigation, size, weight, and a pair of optional $150 controllers if you need longer range and/or more control over filming.

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40 Replies to “The best autonomous drone just got better”

  1. 9razzler9

    i feel like these can be some sort of security device. follow you trekking in the woods and beam for help if you get lost. or follow your kid if they are walking out unaccompanied and needed some sort of surveillance

  2. John Smith

    Video quality is a bit of problem, no gimbal, low and unswappable battery life, no fold… And much more unstable you can see on 04:20, I like competition but don't blame them, R&D Budget 1/100 of it bigger competitor, dispite much higher price.

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