The best Apple Homekit switch

Comparing four apple homekit switches including Elgato Eve, Koogek Smart Switch, iDevices Wall Switch, and Leviton Decora Smart Switch.

List of homekit devices:

iDevices Wall Switch from iDB:

Leviton vs Eve Review:

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  1. Dave Wilmore

    After a year, are you still satisfied with the Leviton switches? Also, I have a three gang plate of switches, I want to replace two with the Leviton and one with a standard switch. Will a standard three gang face plate work?

  2. John Williams

    I have multiple Leviton switches and dimmers. Ive had to replace 2 which repeatedly disconnected from WiFi and eventually wouldn’t reconnect. I also have multiple IDevices outlet plugs and plug-in plugs. I have had way less issues with the iDevices but obviously, more expensive. Need to decide how much your time is worth to constantly be reconnecting and resetting switches.

  3. Eva Huang

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  4. Manuel Gonzalez

    Hi Lance, could you please tell me the model number of the Decora’s switches (and the outlets) I’m having a difficult time finding them. All the Decora searching I’ve done has led to a myriad of confusion. Thank you

  5. Simon T Bramley

    Hi Lance, I've recently set up a wordpress site all on the subject of HomeKit and have a section on YouTube videos about HomeKit. Could I get you permission to embed your HomeKit videos onto this section of my site? I'll make sure you are credited and obviously and clicks via my site, will go towards your viewing numbers. Let me know, and if it's not cool, that's no problem. The website is

  6. Christopher Luongo

    I have an interior switch that controls the exterior light by my front door. I'd like to control the light from my phone, but also with a remote, wireless, motion sensor. It looks like Elgato is the only company making this. Can I use the Elgato sensor to control the Leviton switch?

  7. Howard Stratton

    Lurton Casita is by far best choice I have 16 switches, 8 pods that gives me 24 physical control points and is instant with the Lurton bridge that is HomeKit so endless vertical control points. I’ve had them in now I think 2 years and they are just part of home and really forget their even there. The price was less then ones you listed because I purchased them from electrical supply house that cut me deal because purchased the all at same time.

    I also purchased one of Leviton controlled outlet, I have had to rest it maybe 3 or 4 times now.

    Do your homework creat a plan, creat list of switches you need. Invest in your home the seamless integration is so worth it. This isn’t a cool gadget it’s a true system that gives you endless possibilities of control, security, power savings.

    As my family and I leave the area of out go fence (neighborhood) HomeKit turns off lights makes sure garage closed, looks front door and puts temp to away (I set to heat at 50°).

    I come home Sir can open garage, that triggers outside light if it’s nighttime, heat was already triggered so House is closes to temp.

    This really is easy and should be the normal way to live life Lurton Caseta is the perfect addition. I have no affiliation to any product just really like them. Below is links to products on Amazon to review, the prices there are in some cases double what you can find so do some research and save.

    ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor, Works with Amazon Alexa

    Liftmaster 888LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wall Control Upgrades Previous Models 1998 (and later)

    Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch and Remote Kit for Wall & Ceiling Lights, P-PKG1W-WH, White, Works with Amazon Alexa

    Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch (2 count) Starter Kit, P-BDG-PKG2W-A, Works with Amazon Alexa

    LiftMaster MYQ 819LMB MyQ Home Bridge

  8. Daniel Hull

    i have two of these and i keep getting a red no response in the home app as well as no response in the manufacturer app, have you had any trouble with this? are you using appletv or ipad as a hub?

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