Smart home technology is AWESOME, but way too expensive, so I’ve rounded up the best smart home tech you can actually affford!

Items Featured in This Video:
1. Amazon Echo Dot:
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2. Xiaomi YeelLight LightStrip (DISCOUNT CODE: GB17LED)
Gearbest (Intl.):

3. Xiaomi YeelIght Color E27 Bulb:
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4. TP Link Smart Plugs:
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5. Xiaomi Door Sensor:
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6. Gearbest Light Switch:
Gearbest (International):

In today’s video I’ll be taking you over The Top 5 Smart Home Tech devices for 2017! The items I have chosen in this list are all Alexa and IFTTT compatible, and work seamlessly across iOS and Android. The first item I chose, for my favourite smart home technology roundup is Amazon’s Echo Dot, the smaller, more compact and more affordable version of Amazon’s Larger Echo unit, with the great sounding speaker. Amazon’s Echo comes in both Black and White colours, with a matte grey accent. It also has a mute button, to try and reassure people who may be concerned that the device is ‘always listening’. This unit also has Bluetooth, for seamless connectivity with Bluetooth speakers and a 3.5mm audio output port, for connectivity with all other speaker types. The second item I have chosen for my Affordable Smart Home Tech Top 5 round-up is Xiaomi Yeelight light strip, which can be controlled via iOS and Android apps and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It has 16.8 million colour options and even has settings such as colour cycle, for more ‘fun’ lighting outputs.

The third item I chose is also from Xiaomi’s lineup, a smart colour E27 bulb. This can replace your existing light bulbs for smart control, accross the same iOS and Andoird applications previously mentioned. Next up on this list is one of my favourite items, and it comes from TP Link, of all people! It’s a wirelessly controlled plug socket, also Alexa compatible. This allows you to make almost any non smart home appliance somewhat smart: want to simulate being in by turning on lamps or the TV? No problem. Want to turn off speakers or a fan, but can’t reach the socket, it’s a voice command away!

My final 2 products on this list are honourable mentions, a further 2 products from Xiaomi, a door sensor, which can be programmed to turn off devices with a door open or close, and a light switch, with smart capabilities. These are really cool items, although it is worth noting the door sensor needs Xiaomi’s hub in order to work properly.


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33 Replies to “The BEST AFFORDABLE Smart Home Tech! [ALEXA COMPATIBLE!]”

  1. Jay Salvo

    Brilliant presentation, my only gripe, every time you said 'Alexa' I'd have to keep shouting cancel until the point you said 'Alexa turn Bedroom off'…I'm then sat in darkness and having to reboot my computer. Perhaps call it Echo or Computer for your videos but otherwise very helpful.

  2. Justin Salinas

    You forget to add the fact that some devices need a hub, with the Amazon Echo Plus it has built in hub for several devices for more than just lights but also smart locks, cameras, and everything else. For items that don't need a hub each item counts as separate device on wifi causing lag for things you probably using such as gaming devices, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and everything else. As a salesman for these devices yes it can be a little expensive for smart home all controlled for Alexa or Google but getting hub devices can pay off especially if you have multiple of said items ie lights, locks and everything else

  3. mark scanlon

    Good video for those starting out with this stuff. I would recommend u call your echo something else. As u keep activating mine so everyone else's also. So for your video I suggest computer. Also I'm with you on using this stuff at the end of the day it's soo cool?

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