The Audi e-Tron Has a Lower EPA Range Than Expected. Here's Why

Last week, Audi announced that it had received official EPA range estimates for its upcoming 2019 e-tron SUV. With a 95-kWh battery pack, it was expected that Audi’s first long-range plug-in car would have an impressive range — but as the EPA figures show, its official range per charge is just 204 miles. 

Rather than just being poor design however, there’s a reason for Audi’s less-than-expected range for the e-tron. And it’s a reason that could help the car’s battery pack have a long and healthy life. 

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37 Replies to “The Audi e-Tron Has a Lower EPA Range Than Expected. Here's Why”

  1. Stephen Doherty

    Why worry about how long the battery will last beyond 10yrs. In 10yrs or less it will be solid state or another innovative design. Note this is Audi stepping into an EV. If they need longer range they can change the range later. Note Germans don't like to be lied to about real range vs official (dieselgate was not a help)

  2. Dave Sampson

    Given the last minute inclusion of all the caveats – they are creating a "yeah but" story to match the final product to the promise. The car simply missed the design targets and they are walking back their prior claims with as much grace as they can muster, and as is just shy of frontier gibberish.
    So far this "Tesla killer" is a complete bust. No where near the efficiency of the market leaders. 
    Wait for their charging network to disappoint you next with all the caveats previously undiscussed.

  3. Jens Langer

    I believe, Audi is not taking any risk. They might be able to unlock a couple of miles later.But it’s battery management still is not on the same level as Tesla‘s. Poorly designed is a little harsh statement. Otherwise everyone said the etron feels very nice to drive, and it has the expected Audi quality. Nobody should be too mad that Audi did not try to get the longest driving range nor the best acceleration. It still is Audi’s first EV and it has to be long lasting.

  4. tacfoley

    Meanwhile, back home in Canada, we couldn't even go shopping without a full recharge……and leaving home in SE Ontario for the BORDER with the next province west would need at least THREE full recharges. I prophesy that these disappointing frawks will sell in Toronto to the Greenies who 'must' have one, but out in REAL Canada they will be as rare as very rare thing – maybe even rarer than that.

  5. Edward De Jong

    Smart to lo-ball the range numbers. I think people seem to forget that Audi is part of the VW group and is still smarting from the 15 billion they lost on their emissions scandal. So they want to under-promise on everything. Frankly the diesel emission scandal was caused by idiotic government regulators who insisted on an unrealistic standard. That doesn't excuse the cheating, but it was an arbitrary number for the various emissions, and eliminating diesel is not necessarily going to lower pollution, because diesel is more efficient than a gas engine at converting fuel.Anyway i think this car will do pretty well, it is pretty nice looking.

  6. ProDanTech

    No matter the reason, 204 miles is not enough. 300 is just barely acceptable. Charging stops quickly add up on long drives. Given my experience with the Model 3 Long Range, I have zero interest in owning this Audi. Let’s not forget that Audi’s fastest charging speed is no where close to Supercharger V3 and the current CCS charging network is awful.

  7. Luke Cho

    Given VW’s track record of criminally lying about fuel efficiency (diesel gate) I do not trust VW. VW is desperately fighting for its existence and will stop at nothing and say anything. Tesla’s battery technology is currently ahead of all other carmakers in the EV industry and other companies don’t want to admit it. So they make up excuses in hopes the public will accept the ridiculous notion that we prefer an “underengineered” battery design and have the audacity to tell us this is what we “want” in an EV? Uhm, excuse me, but only I can tell you what I want.

  8. Jame M

    If Audi was worried about this they should have designed in more range to begin with. The problem is that the car is clearly based on the Q8 and they didn't opt for a completely fresh design for this car. That being said, you can't say Audi is making up for a poorly designed car ether. Tesla's rarely get their advertised miles and owners have reported replacing batteries as early as 40,000 miles (compared to over a 100 – 200,000 miles in a Prius), and in some cases far sooner. Its clear Audi doesn't want that.

  9. k31thd4885

    I like it that Audi have set a realistic mileage. Just over 200 miles makes for safer Motorway driving, andless driver fatigue when making a short stop to boost charge. It should mean less anxiety for drivers, and since they give an 8 year guarantee on the battery, they're protecting the customers interests in the long run.

  10. Thank you for your compliance

    Pro: It is the most silent EV on the market. It has a good built quality and allows high charging Power.
    Cons: Many. Biggest consumption of all EVs. Problems with charging. No access to Tesla super chargers. Very heavy. Rather short range. Lags Teslas on-the air update, all the high-quality infotainment and the fun associated with it.

    What you have is a fearful design. This is most probably not the fault of the engineers but result of a conservative management being unfamiliar with this new technology and lacking Musk's risk taking.
     It is a uninspired car for conservative, boring people. It is like one of these early cell phones with the design of a landline phone.

  11. S Sing

    how many people complaining about range actually
    1. drive 200 miles in a day
    2.even ordered the E Tron at Audi and developed something with the E tron
    if not, put the lid on it as you're complaining about fluff. go outside and actually do something rather then complain. you can complain if you are getting the car, and actually not because you can return it or cancel order if you don't like it.or have built an electric car company.. ZERO, ZERO, ZERO

  12. Avi Srivastava

    This is mostly Audi PR and BS! I have an Audi A3 etron which also “holds back” full use of its 8.5kwh battery to give a measly 16 mi range. However, after three years the battery suddenly lost 20% of its capacity further reducing the range. So I have first hand experience that Audi’s claim of longevity over performance it total BS. They just have inferior tech and don’t know what they are doing.

  13. Market Merchandise

    That's an expensive Nissan Leaf…..What INEFFICIENCY! Very mediocre to say the least. 205 EPA, translates to 165 real-world and 105 during winter! No wonder it wasn't release in winter…lol!
    It's not over engineered, no no!! Stop giving excuses please, STOP! Its their first rodeo in electrification & they have no technological chops they have been crowing about for years, over Tesla.
    In fact they are behind GM bolt and behind Hyundai. EFFICIENCY INDICATES HOW TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED YOU ARE, PERIOD!!!!Meaning you can do more with less! That's what is called business!!!
    And please none of this…"oh its luxurious" nonesense! I AM NOT BUYING WELL-TRIMED LEATHER AND A THOUSAND BUTTONS ON THE DASHBOARD FOR A $45,000 PREMIUM. That's what will make this car a looser in the US and later in the rest of the world.

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