The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips – Public TV Series

Served as director of photography for The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips seasons 15&16. TV Series was distributed to over 200 PBS stations including Boston, New York, and Los Angles. Shot on location in Piqua, Ohio.

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  1. Steve Kolvek

    I hope this will find its way to Scott & Suzy.  I would like them to do a show on the correct techniques on using the Kreg K4 pocket hole jig.  I have seen his use this over the years and he appears to be quite pleased with the results he achieves. The first thing I would like him to demonstrate is how to set and measure to stop collar on the step drill bit and how set the correct depth on the depth gauge with regards to the thickness of the wood about to be drilled. 

    The reason for this is very simple.  I just bought my own K4 over the weekend and am quite frustrated with it.  I'm sure I am not setting it up properly but I just can figure out what it is I am doing wrong.  The instructional vid that came with the kit is designed for somebody that already has 5 years experience using it.  As a 60 year old beginner the vid was not much help at all.  I do not wish to scrap my woodworking hobby right out of the gate so I am willing to give this and myself one more chance.  Any assistance you can offer will be appreciated.   Thank you   Steve from Dayton, Ohio 

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