31 Replies to “The 80,000 mile Tesla Model 3! How good is it REALLY?”

  1. Rogy Doj

    Good to get some real world feedback on a relatively high mileage example. Despite Tesla haters, the Tesla is a compelling EV because it is a total system especially if you do road trips and that is from me a former Tesla naysayer. Just a suggestion, not a good idea to have toolboxes etc in the back seat as they will clobber you in the head in a crash. I have seen one truck crash where his toolbox nearly killed him. Nearly! That windscreen needs the vinyl fog cleaned off too just to be a smart alec.
    The evidence seems to suggest that keeping the charge floating between 30 to 80% is better than full charging and running it right down for least battery degradation.
    The road rash on the front fenders could be addressed with a plastic fender insert like a lot of cars have. I saw a Ferrari on Top Gear that had the same problem after a few hundred kilometers so Tesla is not unique in that problem. Not much point having concours paint when it gets whanged at the supermarket but it should be decent at least.

  2. C Sims

    We're about to purchase a used 2014 model s p85d with 30000 miles on it. I'm wondering are all issues with the vehicle done directly through tesla or do they have specific places that cover there repairs?

  3. Jurassic Tech

    So I run rallyarmor flaps on my wrx because awd tends to kick a TON of stuff up right along that front rocker panel. Lo and behold they also make them for the model 3 it seems. That would probably alleviate losing the paint there for anyone concerned about it.

  4. Poppie

    I live in the south and it gets hotter here, so the glass roof without a shade is a deal breaker for me. I have a Cadillac XT5 with a pano roof, but it has a shade to block the sun. Otherwise, I would not enjoy driving it in the heat of summer. Maybe a Tesla owner like yourself could tweet Musk and ask for a shade. He likes good ideas IMO.

  5. Mr. Google87

    If you are unlucky you get -13% capacity day one and Tesla don’t do anything about it if it has no errors.. We got a new model3 SR+ and it only had 208/240rated miles capacity…

    Tesla won’t even tell you battery health, it’s secret

    (Also confirmed with ScanMyTesla and Teslafi)

  6. Kevin Joseph

    I just did 5k miles from Pennsylvania to Yellowstone National Park in my SR+, perfect for road trips! Drive for two hours or so and take a 15min break. Stayed at RV parks some nights to wake up fully charged and ready to go!

  7. Tyler

    So 4% over 80k seems really good. My model 3 Sr+ will be here Saturday. Nervous about winter driving and just long term ownership in general. But your video eased me a little bit.

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