THAT Sony HDMI-Less Dolby Vision TV Firmware Update (& HDR10+)

Sony has rolled out its long-awaited Dolby Vision firmware update for compatible Bravia X1 Extreme televisions in the USA, but owners have found that they still cannot play Dolby Vision content over HDMI due to incompatible profiles between TV and source device.

This saga will only benefit the open-standard HDR10 Plus dynamic metadata format which is gaining momentum.

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38 Replies to “THAT Sony HDMI-Less Dolby Vision TV Firmware Update (& HDR10+)”

  1. IIExhibitAII

    Come on Sony! Can’t you at least give the people with TVs that don’t support Dolby Vision like the x900e (and can’t afford to splurge on a new tv with Dolby vision) hdr10+?

  2. Terry Martin

    Thank You for video, I was thinking my 900f's Dolby Vision was dark when watching DV on Netflix. Better than nothing I suppose, but maybe its not the final build. Hopefully future patch will improve it some.

  3. adtsProductions

    I have a XBR-55x900e, just completed the January 2019 update. I’m an artist so I have a specific eye for color and detail and dynamic range, although I heard this update does not support Dolby Vision on this model, I do see an improvement in picture quality. I am using Apple TV 4K with 4:2.2 enhanced. What I don’t understand is that this TV has the X1 chip, why they are not fully supporting Dolby Vision from HDMI at this time…….waited so longgggggg…. do you think they will bring it to this TV model.

  4. akaredcrossbow

    How do you disable Dolby Vision on Z9D/ZD9? I like HDR10 better and I don’t want to be forced to use Dolby Vision, I think it looks a step back from HDR10! Or how do I turn Dolby Vision off on my oppo 203?
    Thank You!!

  5. Tom Landy

    Movie studios and electronics manufacturers should just scrap Dolby Vision and just stick with HDR10. Dolby Vision is too controlling, too buggy, and too disappointing altogether.

  6. Vitor Dall Acqua

    I'm really pissed. I have the Sony 900E and OPPO 203 and since my TV only has the regular X1 processor I'll never be able to get Dolby Vision here. I wonder if the cpu is actually the limitating factor here and if it's not just about licence fees.

  7. Mark Jones

    Hi I have recently installed the new solftware update on my 65 x900f after doing so some of the shows on Netflix after about 20 seconds of viewing the screen goes black but the audio and subtitles still run , I have downloaded the recent updates for Netflix and I'm still getting the same problem , is there any i can resolve this issue ? 

    Many thanks Mark Jones

  8. Mike Johnson

    I know Sony messed up now they must make things right by removing Dolby vision. then develop next version of Android tv os with Dolby and have them make update which will once again enable Dolby vision ability to select Sony tv’s. Otherwise people going sell their Sony tv and get one which does Dolby vision and HDR through HDR10 pro or better.

  9. JoJo The YuMan

    The long hair looks good on you @5:50 lol
    Anyways, is Sony A1 going to support HDR10+? Seems doable as A1 has the required specs and uses the 2 xtreme processors for software processing. Somewhere i read that A1 even has a hardware dolby vision chip but i doubt it as it would have DV from the start. Reason for delaying DV firmware is that they have same issues as LG with some black levels being grey. Eventhough LG firmware update suppose to fix this, the issue is still there albeit being less significant. Also there's the input lag on A1 that is too high with DV enabled on outside sources. And there is the profile updates that need to be done. So all in all my guess is we're not seeing a proper DV implementation till summer. I just hope the wait is worth it. Meanwhile the oled HDR10 and 4K is quite an upgrade from a Samsung es8000 46" led tv and i'm most happy to watch my A1 65" with just a little bit banding at first run. I guess i won the oled lotery as after 4 months of watching the banding is almost reduced to 0.

  10. Heavie Walker

    Just bring back 3D, where you can actually see and enjoy the enhance feature. I think HDR is not a big enough enhancement to have consumer upgrading there tv, to chase down the latest HDR specs. When the HDR format is like a dog chasing his tail.
    Another thing. Tell the FCC to stop chasing the option to control the internet and make the over the air broadcasters, upgrade there channel to 4k resolution. FCC, do your damn job.

  11. René Ehlert

    I fully understand the difficulties Sony faces, being such a small, underfunded, understaffed and inexperienced start-up, especially as they are so new to the market of entertainment products. Don't get me wrong, the picture on my A1 is already awesome, but combining it with the ATV4 to view stuff in Dolby Vision influenced my purchasing decision in November. I am well aware that it's not really an issue, but if you shell out the money for a supposed "top end & all-in" system, you kind of expect updates etc. to just work or at least manage expectations better. I was aware at the time of purchase that Sony was unable to provide an in-house Dolby Vision capable disc spinning device any time soon(ish). Sony's e-mail repsonse, "[…] we will forward your inquiry to the appropriate departments, so future firmware developments can ensure device compatibility [..]" gave me the much needed reassurance that everything will be smooth sailing in the future….

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