Testing the Tesla Model X Alarm System

What sets off a Tesla Model X Alarm ? Find out in this episode of Now You Know!

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22 Replies to “Testing the Tesla Model X Alarm System”

  1. dani lel

    I think you have to wait 30 seconds (lock). That way, the car thinks that the owner is away and then starts activating the security system. Because our car also needs time to activate the security system. So I'm assuming it's the same?

  2. Siggen

    Our Volvo arms the coupe movement alarm and locks the inside door handles about two minutes after you lock the door. It is done so that if you accidentally lock someone inside, they should have time to get out. The door handles lock so that thieves taking out a window wouldn't be able to open the doors to get easier access to the car

  3. Hadez43

    I remember seeing a video where someone just touched the steering wheel while the windows were down, and the car was locked. The alarm sounds like a Fire alarm!

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