Testing the New 62kWh Battery on the Nissan Leaf E+ Tekna

Join us as we take a trip from Burnley to Whitby testing out the range of the new 62kWh battery on the Nissan Leaf e+. Thanks to the new 62 kWh battery, the Nissan LEAF e+ models features a range up to 239 Miles – great for longer journeys.

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5 Replies to “Testing the New 62kWh Battery on the Nissan Leaf E+ Tekna”

  1. Aleksandr Vysockij

    So 100% to 12% was how many miles? You didn't mention this, as that'd be the proper range test figure in your case. And I assume it was less than 200 miles at that point? As you put in almost 23kWhs into the car according to the display on the charger there. and you've done 238 miles, with 20% left, meaning you used 118% to do that range. I understand you went down hilly roads, so it makes the test a little harsher than most people will do. I will agree you probably can get 200 miles out of it in winter. But probably not if you do constant 70 mph with some occasional slow downs / speeding up to overtake. The Leaf seems extremely inefficient at high speeds still. And the charging speed didn't even pass 50KW, so makes me wonder if the Alpha charger gives out 100KW on chademo, or it's a CCS only max speed

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