Testing Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

I bought this Parrot Bebop 2 camera drone earlier this year. Here is some range tests and image quality tests. With this camera drone I hope I can make more interesting videos in the future.

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19 Replies to “Testing Parrot Bebop 2 Drone”

  1. Bernard B

    Have you ever loss one or more of your propellers on your bebop 2 drone? I HAVE SEVERAL TIME! Usually on a hard landing. It is frustrating and shouldn't happen but it does. Well here is the product that is a solution to preventing that from happening again. These Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs are easy to install and works great. Just using your figures, mainly your tum, press Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs into the larger propeller holes. They lock the propellers in place and will not let them unlock. I haven't loss a propeller since installing the Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs. You can find them on ebay, just search for “bebop 2 propeller plug”.

  2. K0nsch

    Hey Saukki,

    can you please tell me which mount you took at 4:42 to mount the WiFi extender on your Quest?

    I want to have my ActionCam on the hood, but the pads I have don't work because of the curve.


  3. Ari Widell

    A good review indeed. I just recently bought the same model with cockpit glasses and have a handful of flights done so far.

    It would be interesting to know what were the temperatures in those clips taken in winter time. Approximately how much below zero? As I'm also a Finn and would love to take some videos during winter, it would be great to know how much cold the drone can take and still manage to get decent video.

  4. Gadget Inspector

    Darn good review. I really like mine a lot and I agree with everything you said about it. I haven't flown it in winter yet, but I probably will use something else if I need drone footage. The waypoint function on this thing is brilliant…absolutely brilliant. The only thing I think should have been included is an automatic RTH at low voltage. Curious why Parrot chose not to include such an important failsafe. Otherwise, this is a great drone for non-professional video footage and pics.

  5. Jeff L

    Great review. I wasn't aware of the cold weather focusing issue. I have the same extender but haven't had good weather to try it out yet. Looking forward to morevideos. Thanks!

  6. kstadden

    Saukki, my wife and I are blown away by the capabilities of the drone and your excellent review video! Thanks for posting, and we look forward to seeing your future velomobile adventures through the drone's "eyes."

  7. Gelson M

    I own this,drone i didn't want,to,spend too much so,I choose this one to,learn and get used to,before spending massive amount of,monet.. Seem great when is really light out is pretty good for what I used to just like a hobby I'm,looking now to a 4k like p4 pro or magic .. Good,luck and thanx for the video

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