Testing Nvidia G-Sync on LG FreeSync Monitors! | The Tech Chap

How well does Nvidia G-Sync work on FreeSync & FreeSync 2 Monitors? I test G-Sync compatibility with 5 LG Gaming Monitors to find out how it works & if you can really see a difference!
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42 Replies to “Testing Nvidia G-Sync on LG FreeSync Monitors! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Munqy [X]

    Ykno what's crazy? I got all my PC parts which are god damn beefy and also have the LG34GK950F, I only unboxed the monitor because im still waiting for my case to arrive, but now that i've seen the monitor in front of my eyes, it looks extremely different to how it looks like on this video. It's just so much bigger in person and goddamn the colours are .. fuck man i fucking came.
    Case arrives next monday so I boxed the monitor again and seriously cant wait any longer.

  2. Steve Smith

    Has any one got the MSI 31.5-inch Optix MAG321CQR Curved Gaming Monitor? i see theres some issues with the g-sync not turning on ? have they fix this problem?? Im after a good Curved gaming monitor? thats not a TN panel i need three lol.

  3. Doomsday Gaming

    G sync and Freesync while making your game look better, it causes input lag which is unbearable in competitive e sports games. So pros doesn't use it, but for some of you guys that is causal players it is really beneficial.

  4. PixelTwitch | PC Gaming Goodness

    I just wanna say that I actually got the LG 32GK850F based on this video, to pair with my GTX 1080ti and unfortunately things are not as simple as this video would have you believe. While the Gsync will activate on a decent number of games, there were an awful lot (more than 50% of the games I tested) that refused to use Gsync while in fullscreen mode, yet would work when in windowed or borderless windowed. The only way to get Gsync working was to ALT TAB multiple times until it kicked in. I believe this is why one of Nvidias requisites for Gsync Compatible status was that the monitor had Freesync enabled by Default (which these monitors do not.) So while when it works, it does so better than my ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q, the extra effort to activate it in so many games really sours the taste in my mouth. Had I know this before buying I would not have got this monitor.

  5. Lawyer4Ever

    Great video. I picked up an LG 4K HDR Freesync monitor yesterday and it works flawlessly with my Nvidia GPU. The Gsync smooths everything out quite nicely, so long as I stay in the 40-60 FPS range. Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4 have never looked so good!!!

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