Tested: Driving the Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle!

We ditch the gas station and go full electric with the Chevy Bolt, the new electric vehicle that just hit the roads. Our own Jeremy Williams picked up the Bolt as his first EV, and we go for a ride and test drive to learn about his experience driving it for a few weeks.

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Kishore Hari
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams

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45 Replies to “Tested: Driving the Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle!”

  1. John Woodell

    Actually, Tesla came up with the one-pedal driving. There is a paddle in the left side of the steering wheel, not sure the low gear is the proper way to make that selection. The map comes from you phone, which is CLEARLY way better than trying to teach your car all the stuff (contacts, location history) you have in your phone. Consider just plugging in your phone to charge it, and then don't worry about bluetooth audio.

  2. Lawrence Stanley

    Gone are the days of the $10,000 new car… Until car makers realize that most people (like me) will never be able to afford something like this, it will only ever be a luxury fad for the rich. Something has to change.

  3. djkenny

    I wish they would make a simple EV. Just like the DX Civic of yesterday in terms of simplicity. Even give me manual windows and locks. Just the EV capability and some good seats with a nice low entry price. I don't need all that info and technology. Too much.

  4. SalandFindles

    I just thought of something. The money you save on spending $0 on gas, engine oil & transmission fluid, you'll easily spend on your home's electricity bill. So would you end up actually saving any money out of your paychecks?

  5. randycarter2001

    I haven't visited a gas station for 5 years of Leaf driving. What a hassle. You can not beat the convenience of having your "fuel" delivered straight to your "tank" in your driveway while you're sleeping, every day! Chevron wont do that for 60 cents a gallon (fuel and delivery charge included)!

  6. Jeffrey Woodin

    Nice video. But I totally disagree with you about the steering wheel buttons. I have a '17 Chevy Volt Premier that has about the identical layout as the Bolt. While I am a huge fan of Apple and simplified design as well (and the very simplified remote for my 3rd gen AppleTV) I think the button layout of wheel control extremely appropriate and extremely functional. The way you usually reduce buttons is by making the user scroll through menus…..something you really don't want to be doing while driving. In this case I LIKE one button has one function. This especially the case for cruise control (or adaptive cruise like I have) that I use A LOT. I really like the 2 audio level and 2 channel change buttons as well, and the 2 buttons for voice commands/Siri/cell phone answer/hangup. The 5 buttons to navigate the different displays are fine too. …..when I need to adjust my speed, enable or disable cruise, talk to the car or answer/hangup a call, or make changes to the music/audio I am listening to…..its all right there one click away, and my hands never need to leave the wheel. I love it, and think Chevy did a GREAT job with the layout. For the functions these buttons do, I would't change a thing.

  7. Шикарный кот

    EV cars don't make any sense for out pockets.
    If you want to use cheap energy at home, you have to install an additional meter to get the lower rate and the price is around 2-8k in California so all your tax credit will go to pay for the second meter.
    I'd rather buy a new Corolla for 17k and drive it for 5-6 years.

  8. Antonio Moya Blancas

    Hola ! les voy a hacer solo una pregunta, perdón de escribirles en español pero mi ingles es demasiado básico, seria possible recargar cualquier vehículo eléctrico en que tarde mucho con un simple panel foto voltaico y con mucho sol ? como os gusta hacer muchas prueba, esta también podría ser interesante. MUCHAS GRACIAS !

  9. James White II

    Jeremy, I noticed your driving posture, one hand on the wheel is dangerous for you and other drivers, for you the airbag will break your arm and/or dislocate the shoulder should it deploy and other drivers are at risk if you cannot control your vehicle in an emergency maneuver.

  10. Mordant Vistas

    0-60 times are antiquated. It's a unit of measurements for the combustion era, such as horsepower. EV will establish its own measurement in time. Right now the EV will have to endure the cross-over comparables.

  11. trwent

    The problem with public charging stations is, and always will be, the credit card readers. Credit card readers are CONSTANTLY breaking down, to the point that I would NOT want to rely on a public charging station if it was the only one within a large radius, on a road trip.

  12. funkyj95060

    I bought a Bolt. My round trip commute is 70 miles a day. I use to have a Leaf commuting 70 miles a day. Naturally with the Leaf I had to charge at work. I had lots of range anxiety with the Leaf but I love the idea of EVs so I dealt with it.

  13. Limp Wibbler

    This really makes me wonder. The Tesla model S is so expensive and has a lot to offer, and the model 3 is much cheaper. This leads me to think it will have much less in it. Is it enough to  be better than this. Obviously the display will be better, this is complete trash. Other than that though this is a great car and they didn't need an icebreaker car. Tesla has dipped its toes in so I'd expect better.

  14. Limp Wibbler

    I like the car and think it looks nice, but it also looks terrible at the same time. I think it is a beautiful body, but it is an "EV" body. for some reason every damn car manufacturer does the same thing to EVs or Hybrids. They look so small and weak. That is a huge plus in my eyes for a Tesla. A Tesla X doesn't say weak or small to me. An S says muscle in the back and prius/audi in the front.

  15. tipoomaster

    So true about car UIs. Tesla is pretty good among cars but even that doesn't really try to stick to your finger as close as say an iPad. I think it still uses a pretty outdated Tegra too?

  16. Phil Freeman

    Cancel model 3? Don't be ridiculous. Model s owners who have driven the model 3 are amazed at how great the model 3 is. And its selling for 35k. Supercharger ready…i.e. 30 minutes for full charge while on the road. GM and all mfg's,. would be wise to make an arrangement with tesla that will allow their owners to use Tesla's supercharging network. The object is to be e pollution free tomorrow. We can do it. Is there some reason all cars cannot be converted to electric power trains and all new cars required to have battery power trains? Imagine…clean air in our lifetimes..and economical driving too..

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