Tesla’s Semi Truck Will Make Tesla Billions

The Tesla Semi Truck is set to make billions of dollars for Tesla. It is entering a massive market and will make other truck competitors look like jokes. Watch the video to see why I believe this.

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  1. Daniel Stapler

    Thank you for this video,
    2:21 People will buy the Freight liner eCascadia if they can't get hold of a Tesla semi, and if a 250 mile range works for them
    If a Tesla Semi needs 500Kwh that's equivalent of six 85kwh battery pack cars – i think the Model S,X,Y and 3 will have priority IF the batteries are in short supply, and this may have delayed the Semi's arrival.
    500kwh of batteries will give you 2.5 Roadster 2.0s or 500K$ worth if car.
    I think Amazon doesn't want to buy Tesla products if they can help it.

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