Tesla's Semi Truck Event Recap

I was fortunate to attend the Tesla Semi event last week. First of all, thank you to everyone who used my referral code. Attending the event would not have been possible without you. The event was was everything I hoped it’d be and more. In this video a recap some of the highlights of Tesla’s new semi truck.

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9 Replies to “Tesla's Semi Truck Event Recap”

  1. Kevin CCIE

    Suprise Suprise – TESLA SEMI INTERIOR was designed by WALMART – the first company to announce 15 orders from Tesla. WHY YOU ASK? Look at this video direct from Walmart – https://youtu.be/NER9X4_gtYk
    As you can see, Walmart already tried to do a clean energy turbine electric semi truck in 2014 but found out it was too expensive to bring to the market. So what did they do – THEY ASKED TESLA TO BUILD ONE with the SAME INTERIOR DESIGN for their trucking market. After Tesla made the truck now 3 years later in 2017 – suprise suprise – who made the first 15 orders = Walmart. All planned guys, all planned. Next order from Walmart after testing = 5000+ Tesla Semi Trucks. Hint: make in-depth episode.

  2. Sędziwój

    Great video, I learn something from it.
    But I think you should in range discussion talk about law too. Because truck driver can not drive 24/24h, and with law where you must rest for 30 min after 8h drive make this trucks better. But I know law is different in each country, so we must know look at USA and Canada law, and I don't know it… So it be nice if you make some longer discussion on it, and maybe invite some truck drivers (with short and long distance experience) and they tell how its looks, and where they see problems with Tesla approach

  3. Rick Ramsowr

    Wow, I just realized that Tesla Design Center and Space X are both located on the grounds of the old Northrop Headquarters & plant facility. Which was the home of yet another man who was also know for his inventions within the aircraft industry during WWII, including his "flying wing!"
    The coolest thing of all is that just before Mr Northrop's passing he was taken to one of those secret places the government never heard of and shown today's flying wing (that is now the Air Force's mother of all bomber based on this original design work. What a great way to end one's career and life as a whole. Just a through or two…

  4. Mitchell Barnow

    I think that Tesla is going to change the whole trucking industry! No more dirty diesels with slow acceleration that clog up entire highways. Mega charging (bunched super charging), will allow for easy travels at a guaranteed price per kilowatt hour.

    I saw you trapped in the semi on DAErik's video! He removed the copyrighted music and reposted his live stream from the event.

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