Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

Here’s Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn’t matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that’s an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla’s electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of “who’s got the bigger driveshaft?” Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.

We’ll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we’ll look into both vehicles weights, and we’ll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we’ll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That’s the story of life. Enjoy!

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38 Replies to “Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless”

  1. Marcos Otaviano Alves

    I think Tesla´s vehicle can pull F-150 because it started first, after that, F-150 had: 1. stop tire slipping movement in reverse direction, 2. stop Tesla´s vehicle movement and, 3. reverse the movement. That was almost impossible since F-150 really appears to be a rear whell drive vehicle and, after movement started, there were 2 tyres only in F-150´s movement direction vs. 6 tyres in Teslas´s movement direction.

  2. Smartguy561

    Also, it wasn't an ice engine, it was an electric F150. They need to test the Cybertruck against a real work horse. Put it up against an F250 or 350 Diesel 4wd and see how it does. And put some weight in the back of the Ford truck.

  3. gbenes

    a lot of wasted time on mathematic and so on, torque doesnt matter as both have more then enough, Elon picked 2WD F-150 to force Ford to answer by chalange,and to get into news,it is just free publicity, even Tesla S can pull F150, point is, if Ford answer and chalange tesla with 4WD, that am sure Elon tried in thug of war already also and know for sure that cyber truck would win, he would get even more publicity

  4. Paul B

    Bang on conclusions – Cybertruck won't sway loyal gas drivers to EV, and thus won't make a difference to the climate? Logical, and Marques Brownlee stated a similar assumption on pick up driver loyalty

  5. Cyanogenflames

    Ok it might be useless to use or whatever but it’s still good for marketing witch is why they made the video so it’s not useless and I don’t care if it is useless I still think it’s cool

  6. albert sparks

    Jason, thanks for using degrees to describe the incline.
    Most uphill tow is usually for miles, this will stress the Tesla overweight self and kill the batteries. Diesel is king in long haul. Uphill is it’s kingdom.

  7. Brett Barager

    First, I think the Cybertruck (as is) is much like the Chey Avalanche – useless as an actual work truck but bought for "prestige." With that in mind, they will never be able to tap into the truck market. With the Avalanche and the Cyber, you can't really do my with the bed. Maybe its ok for your hockey or other sports equipt but otherwise useless as a work truck. Second: glad it was an unfair comparison because I love my F-150! BUT . . . I saw another vid a while back with a smaller scale Cyber pulling an F150. I would be interested in your analysis of that vid . . . I think it goes back to the same math you provided. Good vid. I hate math but was able to follow what you were saying (which is not easy for me and anything math!).

  8. Wii GaMiNg2610

    The Cybertruck is supposed to be used for work correct? So why are they putting up against an f150, witch is basically an suv with a truck bed. So why don’t they put it up against a diesel truck?

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