Tesla Time News – Tesla Semi Truck Event, and more!

Welcome back for this weeks episode of Tesla Time News! Today we discuss the announcement of the Tesla Semi Truck unveiling, We show some exclusive footage of the 2018 Nissan Leaf and more Model 3 News! Plus many more exciting stories!! Also, please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know!

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22 Replies to “Tesla Time News – Tesla Semi Truck Event, and more!”

  1. Grante David

    Guys i love the show but sometime you all need to be a bit more balance. Innovation can only exist when many different fields are explored. The same thing happened with Tesla. Tesla now has proven that its' cars are viable so give Mercedes and other manufacturers a break, your coming down to hard on them. Things happen in incremental steps not everyone has to think of Tesla.

    One day there might be a breakthrough in other alternative fuels and the battery powered electric car could become a think of the pass.

    Please sound more hopeful when reviewing other cars.

  2. sam guapo

    @zac Technically speaking, the efficiency of Hydrogen (post hydrolysis) is 5% vs. charging batteries which are anywhere between 40-90% efficiencies depending on the electric source methodology.

  3. Tewl Schism

    being a retired Truck Driver of 15 years I have driven manual and automatic Semis and from a fatigue standpoint manual is better because you are moving around double clutching, shifting, etc… I think there is a limit to technology that you can put into vehicles before it just becomes overwhelming…

    I would ask for a GPS system that is programmed to the truck so that it does not take you down a road with low clearances (I had the Rand McNally TND510(I think) GPS where I could set my height (hauling cars you're nearly always a different height up to 14' legally and more if you have to… (I have hit alot of back roads due to being over height.) along with sensors at the upper portion of the truck to get early warning for underpasses that are too low and reduce bridge collisions saving tons of money in destroyed equipment, product, and structures.

    I think the Autonomous feature would be great but would bore the driver to death potentially causing falling asleep when you shouldn't just in case you need to take over

    EOBRs (Electronic On Board Recorders) became mandatory in all trucks 1 Jan 14 which is why I retired in '13 because I was trained by "Outlaw Truckers" that have the same issue with insomnia so actually following D.O.T. Regs was more dangerous cause I would be at the end of my day and catch my second wind then not being able to sleep for another 5 hours and by the end of the break I would be getting 4-5 hours sleep essentially making "Old School" drivers but with the Autonomous feature once perfected and they can prove a 6-700 mile trip (the norm for 11 hours of driving) and even if they release a truck that can do up to 300 miles as projected so far as in other videos I have watched today.

    110V plugins would be great with at least a 3000 Watt inverter or other means… I say the 2018 release date is a bit ludicrous as I have seen Tesla's in my area but have yet to see a charging station truck accessible… Taking out 20% of the transportation greenhouse gasses with electric trucks would be great only after Tesla builds their charging stations to alternative energy that 20% savings is gonna be put on the power plants so until they have solar powered charging stations this seems like a band-aid just to get you to feel better about yourself while making the power plant reliance greater. I think Tesla should build their first completely solar charging station as well as their first completely solar powered truck stops.

    If they adopt and auto-braking system (surely they have) that would make the trucks safer in wicked bad traffic but, how is the batter gonna hold up in city driving with the constant stop and go traffic? so much more that I would like to touch on but this comment is already longer than 90% of people's attention spans… I can't wait for the unveiling tonight… this is something I thought I would never see in my lifetime but I feel the Tesla Semi would be better suited for the Boring Companies underground tunnels for faster speeds as well as less wind drag essentially making the truck more efficient there would still be drag but you wouldn't have head winds or crosswinds which cut fuel mileage and make the trucks more susceptible to roll overs especially while empty.

    Even with the short range drivers would still need a sleeper berth for the recharging of the truck can't sit in the driver's seat the whole time…

  4. George Hawley

    Re: BMW 3-Series. It is amazing. If Tesla were a "dominant" provider, they could be accused of anti-trust law violation for overhanging the market. The Model 3, if it lives up to early reviews, absolutely blows away the 3-series.

  5. George Hawley

    Look for the Tesla Semi to have a battery pack of something like 450 kWh to get 200+ range, depending on payload. Won't compete on long haul yet due to charging time but will for short haul.

  6. George Hawley

    No way that Porsche Mission E will be able to use 350 kW in 2020. They will be stuck with using the same type of cells as Tesla but from Samsung and LG as there will be no commercially viable alternative (eg. Solid state cells) in 2020. The Tesla 100D pack is limited to less than 140 kW. The Porsche Mission E charging rate will probably be in the same ballpark.

  7. Troy Meenahan

    Hey guys, just so you know "Lewes" is pronounced just as you would pronounce "Lewis" and you might be interested to know that Lewes is the first city in the first state (Deleware) of the United States. I was there in July visiting relatives who have been long time residents… Now you know (haha)

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