Tesla semi – video, first 2 million mile truck hard Cummins, Daimler ice tsla to 3000

Tesla semi first 2 million mile truck hard match cummins, daimler ice trucks. Tesla’s guarantee of one million miles no service costs means truck goes 2 million miles total. With cummins/daimler ice trucks going only 500,000 miles before replacement Tesla semi is a huge nightmare for all ice producers. Maybe Nikola was right impossible? Please note we are supporters of Tesla’s efforts but not afraid to point out negatives. If you just hate Tesla in general, will not tolerate bashing with no logic whatsoever.

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45 Replies to “Tesla semi – video, first 2 million mile truck hard Cummins, Daimler ice tsla to 3000”

  1. andrew

    "if the vehicle can run 24/7/365 how many tractors do I in fact need"(excluding trailers). The answer could be as low as 100 even for a Company the size of Wal Mart. Good intro to the subject tho. Today was the first big "break" in oil prices this year. So far gasoline prices have held above $2.00 a gallon in Texas and Ohio…but BARELY..

  2. Jon Harrison

    We still don't know what the durability of the electric truck will be. Watch some of the videos on what it costs to repair a Tesla when the warranty runs out and it will make your head spin. Electric truck could be a disaster. We'll see.

  3. shemail goondall

    I take no issue with people who wish to support tesla.
    I take issue with supporters & promoters who repeatedly distort and misrepresent the facts.
    take this tesla fan. I seriously doubt he has investment money lying around, yet he flips all tesla shortfalls, and failures as victories.
    he disregards the finances, and indebtedness of tesla, because
    economics are irrelevant to him. is tesla a successful company, to which one should invest money in? according to this fanboy, the answer is yes

  4. tank

    Boy what a hater, I tell your people are stuck in their ways hate change to come has every negative thing to say yeah you hurry up and retire be on your way.

  5. redxsage

    Among passenger cars this is the very nightmare that 'independent franchised dealerships' observed and have been suffering from since 2013. That is why they and their representatives from NADA want so much to prevent Tesla from engaging in unfettered direct sales nationwide. The instant someone experiences driving a Tesla the difference compared to an ICE vehicle is obvious. And after living with a Tesla for a few months it becomes clear that they will NEVER purchase an ICE vehicle again. People realize the joy of not going to a gas station anymore, the freedom of not being ripped off on warranty issues, the relief that comes from having a reliable vehicle that 'just works' and their eyes are opened. They realize that no ICE vehicle, no matter how expensive, had ever delivered on The PROMISE of reliability they were led to expect. Yet Tesla's cars had.

    Some people like having their car 'in the shop' .

  6. Afaq Saleem

    I just had another thought and did some calculations before posting, in case of cars Elon said they did the research and found no substantial merit in put solar in roof of the car, however, this is because the area available is so small but in case of truck it is another story. The trailer on the truck has a large area available so in case of fixed bed types, you can put (rough calculations) almost 5600+ watt on the roof alone and another 5600+ watt on one side, will have to put panels both side to cover sun from either side. Even assuming worst recovery of 25% due to angle, heat etc, you get 2800W which is pretty good compared to 2KW per mile needed at MGV and you can be driving truck with basically no electricity in right sunny conditions.

  7. Les Moore

    It seems you have a hard time with the words obsolete, and antiquated! When Musk mentioned the truck speed he was emphasizing it's power, you should had picked up on that! Instead of drag racing! From hauling hay, to hauling manure, technology has historically demanded for commerce to change! Lastly if you were an electrician, you would know there are electric motors in operation that were first put into operation over a hundred years ago! Regularly outlasting the machinery they were designed to operate! The reality is the world originally made the wrong decision when it chose the ICE, over the electric car! The entire auto industry, and all of those businesses that made a living off it, now has to understand the jig is up! There are so many topics that could be discussed about the coming electrical age, and transportation it's mind blowing where it's going, where it should have begun in the mid 19th, and early 20th century!

  8. Gerald Scott

    I'm a diesel jockey, and no way would I drive a battery powered truck. Even my own personal vehicle is a diesel pickup. Fortunately I am close to retirement so I don't have to worry about this. But I don't really think there is much to worry about. Elon Musk is a nut case and a scam artist. He puts on a good show, but when it comes time to deliver the goods, he has failed miserably. Tesla has yet to make a penny, and in fact they loose hundreds of millions of $$$ every year. Look at the cost of their cars. There is only a very limited market for $100,000+ cars. Where is Tesla's $25,000 car? It doesn't exist, and it never will. Also look at all the problems people have had with Tesla products. And how does Tesla plan to mass produce thousands of these trucks? When you start taking things apart here, you realize that most of the parts are missing, and the Tesla truck is nothing but a pipe dream. Oh, and electric vehicles are nowhere near 90% efficient. NOTHING man made is anywhere near 90% efficient. And where is the power coming from to recharge this huge fleet of trucks? Lots of questions, no answers.

  9. William Thomas

    Musk didn't say the truck would run for 1 million miles with no serious service. He guaranteed that it wouldn't cease functioning. But this is just a guarantee that the battery will keep working and at least half the motors until the truck can be serviced.

  10. Jim Gord

    There is a long history of electric vehicles lasting twice as long as diesel counterparts in the transit industry. Transit operators would replace electric transit (overhead trolley) buses at half the frequency of diesel buses. At the half life point, the electric buses would be refurbished with a new interior. To my knowledge, this is still done in cities with trolley buses today
    Tesla cars should be expected to have twice the lifetime of conventional cars as well. Just refresh the interior and service the EV drivetrain and you are good to go without scrapping the chassis.

  11. Edward Mitchell

    On average a Diesel truck will have to change the oil every 12k miles at a cost of $285 and for those putting on 3k miles a week that means that means an oil change every month totaling $3420 per year plus truck down time. Now if the company has 100 trucks in their fleet that means they will spend $34,200 annually just on oil changes plus truck down time. During these oil changes the truck gets inspected and if they find anything wrong that's more money that needs to be spent. Now compare this to Tesla and you will see why so many are interested in this new truck they are coming out with as all these cost go away. At 144k miles a year it will take less than 3 1/2 years to reach 500k miles that gives an oil change cost of $119k and if another company owns all Tesla Semis then they don't have that cost and that company that does still has to try and find a way to compete.
    Now do take notice I haven't added in fuel cost that one company will have to pay verse another company that doesn't. So, if a company doesn't get this truck they will go under if all of their competitors have to do is take 50% of that savings and apply it to lowering their prices and pocket the rest as the company that still has diesel trucks has no way to make up the cost so that they can be competitive. Fuel cost for a 100 truck feet for 144k miles per year per truck will be around $1200 @12 miles per gallon here in the state of California which will then be $120,000 per year in fuel cost. So yeah, this is a big thing as one company will have to pay $154k per year on fuel and maintenance, plus down time per year while the other company does not ?.

  12. dgaubin

    Just to clarify, the speed of the truck is not about "racing", per se. It's about the delivery factor. Over the course of a delivery from pick up point to drop point, if a Tesla truck can get to the drop faster, it can do more deliveries, over a course of time, than ICE trucks. So, that it can get up to speed substantially faster, and climb a grade significantly faster, it will, over the course of a period of time, "lap" the ICE trucks number or complete delivery cycles. More deliveries = more money. Less maintenance = less cost AND less down time for maintenance = more uptime, more deliveries. Add it all up and your word "revolutionary" is an appropriate description!

  13. Radoslaw Motylinski

    It is not million miles maintenance free but guarantee that it won't break down before million miles because of 4 redundant electric motors. If you have serious mechanical problem in diesel truck you are done. If you lose half of your propulsion in tesla you are still driving. But of course id one of the motors breaks than you need to fix it.

  14. Nick James

    @3:10 – the numbers of orders you talk about (more likely to be expressions of interest) are not large orders when it comes to fleets. These are more than likely to be test vehicles, as the critical information needed by fleet managers to crunch the numbers are not forthcoming from Tesla.

    In my company, we need critical information for the design for a clients future warehousing / logistics – as the application for the electricity supply can take more than 5 years. If it's going to be solar (PV), we need information now.

    We made an enquiry on the Tesla website for someone to contact us over a week ago. No-one has made an effort to contact us.

  15. John Kubik

    Do you really thing in 10-20 years a semi will be the same as the current ones? In my view a megawatt battery will weight 1 ton instead of 7 improving the cargo capacity by 13000lbs, it will be driver less without the driver we don't need the cab anymore saving another few thousands pounds. Those foreseeable improvements will cut down the transportation cost by 50-70%, the driver is the most expensive factor in the cost and without the truck can run 24/7. Bringing the first generation Tesla as an obsolete piece of equipment.

  16. George Ray

    Disruptive Technologies ? . . . . . Game Changing ? . . . . Paradigm Shifts ? / / / Do the discussion points you have been focusing on in this video regarding trucks generalize across all electric transport ? Add to that the changes to the construction industry when we start 3D printing buildings.  etc etc etc . . . The societal implications are huge! . . . consider my mind boggled.

  17. Signed Up

    Could it mean that Daimler will try to design a product with the idea of sustaining the current maintenance revenue?  Such a design seems as though, with the million mile guarantee, will certainly result in a colossal fail.  non-million mile ETs manufacturers will have the sweeten their offerings somehow.  Like a program around brakes and tires or a guarantee on break maintenance.  They will have to leverage something they already have built out which they can claim is proven, dependable and is value-added. Tesla is really, at this point, pulling the rest of the industry as those within try to hold on and not get left too far behind.  This may be more of a race of creating the 'best' of a better product. Other ET manufacturers would simply have to put out an equal in quality but less expensive, up-front, cost offering; That would wind up being a 60 – 90K ET.  Even at that Tesla's proposed ecosystem with platooning, the mega chargers, etc. would prove to be the greater value.

  18. Johnnie Hougaard Nielsen

    While the Elon Musk focus on acceleration times may seem a minor point, it can actually make quite a difference when navigating off the freeways, including red lights and other causes to stop. When a fully loaded truck can get up to speed in 20 seconds, it means that it can follow the regular traffic without causing pileups and delays. One cost of a slow truck taking a long time to get up to speed is congestion, as it can mean a lot of empty space in front of the truck, while the drivers caught behind it are cursing about getting nowhere.

    In other words, a truck which can keep up with the traffic flow results in a better use of road capacity and less congestion. To me it seems likely that many metropolitan areas will choose to forbid "old-fashioned" trucks not only due to their significant pollution (both exhaust and noise), but also due to the congestion caused by them.

  19. Porkonfork

    The change by Tesla to the car & truck industry is revolutionary to say the least. The hidden factor behind the servicing of ICE vehicles is that the dealerships are and have always been in bed with the ICE manufactures. Holding back on technology gains and maximizing profits from both sectors by vehicles that only last 10-15 years. My 2017 Mazda has the latest technology and fuel savings (for an ICE car) yet l am still required to take it to a dealer for a service every 10,000km or 6000ml.
    By Tesla minimizing servicing requirements and extending the life of vehicles by a factor of 4/6, this change will be the "wake-up call" the people need to move from ICE to Electric. Something l think Mercedes Daimler is well aware off and positioning themselves as a secondary competitor to capture part of the market when this change ocurs. Great video, keep up the good work.

  20. Afaq Saleem

    When Tesla announced truck pricing I was kinda shocked because of very same reasons you mentioned in video. Similar to Electric cars where you don't see Filters, Oil, Brake Pads etc changes along with the time you/car have to spend in workshop, the electric truck will have the same. Therefore, since not only its saving money in terms of operating it Tesla mentioned, but also maintenance wise. Companies don't even have to plan a maintenance schedule for the truck fleets like ICE trucks, where they have 4000KM, 8000KM etc etc maintenances and either have to reduce trucks under maintenance from fleet, be it for one day, or have reserve trucks. So in tesla truck case, fleet companies will need extra trucks only for contingencies not related to truck maintenance/reliability like accidents.
    Therefore, I was expecting Tesla to add 50,000$ price to trucks price tag for this perk. But I think as Elon said, we just want to give hard smack down to ICE companies, Tesla is trying to push electrification not the profits.

    On an additional thought, we might soon see legislations pop up regarding heavy (not high, the hum, can't find exact word) noise from trucks heavy engines. It will be an interesting situation then.

  21. Tom Robertson

    The main companies get rid of their trucks around 500k.
    Because they start requiring repair .
    Starters, alternator, air compressor
    Most semis are in service for 1million to 2 million miles total
    Your premise is still valid .
    No reason to get rid of it. Because of parts failure

  22. Robert Weekley

    Even if after that Million Miles on the First Battery, if they Paid for a New one, and overhauled the Motors and Gear Boxes, at a (Unreasonably) High Cost of $100,000, that stll means something like $280,000 spread over 15-20 years!

    That averages out at just $18,666.67 to $14,000 per year! But a Cheaper $125,000 Truck, if replaced at the same price (non inflated) each 5 years, then = $25,000 per year, average.

    This is all just Truck cost, with No Maintenance allowed or added, to the Diesel Truck at $125,000!

    It also skips Fuel cost differences!

  23. Qinby 1

    Thank you for this, why have nobody else figured this out??
    Are you a genius??  :))
    The government should give TESLA the 80 billion extra they gave the Pentagon instead.
    They still would have 700 billion they wont miss it (they can not account for 6 trillion so far so 80 billion no biggie) and TESLA expands quicker.
    Think it would be the "fiscally responsible thing to do".

  24. FredlocksAsher2012

    whats the other language u speak? is it Spanish? Great videos always very informative, thanks for your work: try doing a small sound check before you start shooting,. maybe try a simple microphone and a stand. might work really well instead of camera mics

  25. Jeff Co

    A bit of change in your math for ICE trucks; at the end of 5 years when you have to buy a new one, the value of the old one is not zero. This means that the $125k number times the number of trucks you buy is off by the real value of the used trucks every 5 years.
    And the fact that Tesla trucks get up to speed so fast isn't important IS important for 2 reasons I can think of- 1) Your overall travel time is greatly reduced by getting back up to speed again depending on how much non-highway driving is done from start to finish. 2) Anytime you go up a grade you can continue going 60 MPH also shortening your drive time. {:0) JeffCo

  26. Wayne Russell

    A 2 year payback on purchase price is a good enough metric to buy on!
    As for a 20 year old truck or refurbishment – tech will not stand still. They may be perfectly usable but like all tech uneconomic to run compared to a new one. Changing out the battery for lighter, longer range, quicker charging and safer will be the first. That may be in a couple of years or five but likely before it has reached its usable (say 20% degradation) life. Current chemistry on a test rig gives 20% at 500 000 miles – the life of an average ICE car. An in use car has reached 250 000 miles at 7% degradation. Dahn may have stretched that further than the doubling of charge cycles to 1250 he achieved a few years ago for the 2170 cells. Another doubling would allow that cell to do the one million miles.
    Then all the computer tech would need upgrading to match the state of the art self driving role.
    Seat, doors, wheel and trailer flaps will be showing stress and wear.
    A lot of this depends on how many electric trucks the manufacturers can make. If like many tech examples, the new replaces the old exponentially, there may be a huge shortage of trucks and chargers and thousands of unsaleable diesels, so older electrics will be refurbished and hold value.
    God knows how much abuse the chassis and wheels will survive for those ice road truckers!
    Interesting to read Dr Zetsche on the future of his company and the industry. He mentions Tesla often:

  27. Glenn Rosander

    Greg, and I was one of those folks who switched to Toyota due to maintenance costs. Around 12 years ago I went to buy a small car for my daughter. I went to engine repair shop and asked their guess on when they would begin to see engines in for repair. The guesses were Saturn; 60,000, Subaru ; 120,000, Honda and Toyota; 150,000 miles. I bought a Honda Civic. She kept it for about 10 years and it never died on her. Her Husband/boyfriend had a "Geo" which was made by GM in the factory that Tesla bought and it basically fell apart on them after 5 or 6 years.

  28. Glenn Howden

    My brother in law bought a diesel truck that had a million miles on it and it was still in good shape. It is a Volvo.

    Electric vehicles are a disruptive technology that is going to put a lot of parts stores and mechanics shops out of business, but on the bright side, the mechanics that repair them won't have to work on dirty, greasy, stinky Internal combustion engines.

  29. Mario Kajin

    That’s a prospective I have missed and put Tesla semi in a totally different place cost wise. I bet you are never to old to learn new things. Spreading cost over 2 millions of miles is a huge game changer for Tesla and a even bigger headache for the others. Thanks and see you the next time.

  30. glen thomson

    like you videos, interested on your thoughts on how the falcon heavy launch will affect share price, because it would make front line news everywhere and if successful be prove that spacex can get to mars and a lot more belief in musk

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