Tesla semi trucks opportunity bigger than car business? 5 reasons Mercedes partner

5 reasons why Tesla truck is bigger than that of cars. Not included on the list is the fact that each truck sells for more than car allowing greater revenue/profit on smaller numbers of units sold. Zero emissions while cutting fuel costs in half for an industry where fuel is 35 percent of costs and ten times the volume as autos is big. Please support us at on patreon. www.patreon.com/teslaadvisor?

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  1. dlwatib

    Short range fleet operators don't have range anxiety because they have planned routes and know before they start each trip exactly how long the trip will be. They can charge up on site before leaving from their own charging infrastructure (probably overnight). They will probably never have to use a supercharger. This applies to both trucks and busses.

    What's intriguing is that Tesla used the word "semi" to describe it's coming truck. That term implies long range trucking at highway speeds. Such trucks carry huge diesel tanks that allow the drivers to minimize stops. Plus, many semis are operated with two drivers for near-24 hour operation. This implies to me that Tesla will need to provide huge battery packs and battery pack swapping capabilities in order to be compelling to the industry.

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