Tesla Semi Truck Unveil | I'm Invited!

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A lot of YouTubers have PO boxes listed. I don’t. Want to send me a gift…Watch my videos, leave comments…those things are the best gifts ever. Still want to send me something…ok..ok. Go on over to Amazon and pick up one of my books…now that would be really dope. I left the information below 🙂

The following books are available on Amazon:

A Course in Gratitude by Tinesha Davis, Querin Hamilton and Ashley Williams aka Violet Grace
Holler at the Moon by Tinesha Davis
All Black Girls Ain’t Got Rhythm by Tinesha Davis

Anthologies in which I am a contributor:

Milk & Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood by Eros-Alegra Clarke and Jordan Rosenfeld
A Letter for My Mother by Nina Foxx (I write under the name Dominique Jackson)

41 Replies to “Tesla Semi Truck Unveil | I'm Invited!”

  1. Greg Northrop

    You are so freakin awesome. That’s really all I need to say. But, I also want to say that I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to me. I found your channel just when I needed to. I went back and watched every single budget video you have made and turned a corner in my own life. As of this Friday, I will be completely debt free for the first time in my adult life. Thank you for putting your life out there for others to benefit from, and at the same time making me laugh out loud… a LOT!!

  2. Craig G

    I love the humanity in your character. It also helps that you're pretty. Haha. Like a cookie that's just been dipped in hot chocolate. Haha. Yes ok. Now not the time. Mmmkay, love you, bye

  3. Tricia Joseph

    I never comment on your videos, but I had to this time to say thank YOU!! Thank you for your transparency! Thank you for sharing the power of friendship! Thank you for sharing about the power of manifesting! Thank you for demonstrating joy! I appreciate all the effort that you put into creating these videos and I have learned so much from you and your friends.

  4. Querin Hamilton

    "…sometimes Love brings real tears to your eyes." So you already know what I'm sitting in the parking lot at Trader Joe's doing… 😢😢😢💖💖💖😘😘😘 You are such an inspiration and a master of any craft you choose. We all appreciate the benefit we get from you choosing to live life in your vision.

  5. Kay's Kreation

    Thank you for your genuine spirit/soul.I see the same "genuine-ness" in your friends as well. Don't be ashamed of your tears….it's an outward expression of how much your heart is filled with GRATITUDE. Continue you on my sister, one day you will be truly amazed at how great you have become…..all because you are genuine and full of gratitude!

  6. Tracey M

    Congrats to you!! Gwen is an Awesome friend! You got me ugly crying up in here!! I'm a cry baby like Q too. Keep dreaming big & keep counting your blessings!!

  7. ItsTomCarlon

    TINESHA YOU ARE THE BESTTTTT!!! HAVE THE BEST TIME IN LOS ANGELES. The way you are able to balance so many things is truly inspiring and through all this you always have such a happy, and thankful outlook. Such a role model, and inspiration.

  8. grnspider

    Gurl I appreciate all your hard work! So much so that if you had not put those Bali videos out I was going to have to tap you on the shoulder. I absolutely live for your travel and lifestyle videos. I am so proud of you and appreciate the value you bring to my YT experience. I am grateful that you care so much about bringing us quality content. Love ya!

  9. afri dias

    Your manifestations (through travel, inspired budgets, love of yourself/family/friendships, and of gratitude) are constantly being validated in real life and YouTube…so feel free to shed those tears. Thank you for sharing these parts of your life with us!

  10. Samir 77

    Sister know that your efforts are appreciated. It is always good to see healthy interactions between African American women. You are all role models and I would be excited if my daughter turns out to similar to your friend group.

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