Tesla Semi Truck Unveil Event Chicago!! (REAL LIFE)

Tesla Semi Truck Unveil Event Chicago!! (REAL LIFE)

Today I was so lucky to cater an event at the Penske Truck Rental place where they had a Telsa Truck driving employees around. I had to balance working my job and paying attention to the truck. I could barely concentrate on my job lol. It was so clean and the lines inside and outside were incredible. This is one awesome piece of technology! They driver sits in the center of the truck with two TV’s on each side of em. I think those triangles on the outside were the cameras for the screens inside. I feel super lucky to have gotten the chance to see one of these Telsa Semi Trucks in person! Wow what a special day so I had to make this little video to remember it!

The telsa truck was completely silent except the air brakes and the driver even hit the horn while I was filming. I tried to go back to get a ride in the tesla semi but when I got back with my real camera gear the tesla semi was gone and all the tesla employees were not there anymore. I’m sorry I couldn’t get more footage but I do hope you enjoy what I did end up getting.

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  1. Mark Plott

    to all those nay sayers out there, the Tesla semi is alive and breathing, it is even official with a DOT registration and a 80K Max Gross sticker as well. I think just the Tractor would be fun to drive around in. the ultimate SUV than can haul a DENALI super cab.

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